Why Aren’t There More Ghosts in Graveyards?

Many people assume that visiting the graveyard or cemetery is a great way to record ghostly activity and are surprised if they don’t encounter a ghost. According to paranormal investigators there is a good reason for that. Graveyards don’t have any living energy and it’s living energy that attracts ghosts.  Sure, ghosts frequent old houses that have been abandoned for years. One could argue that they are empty of living energy, but they aren’t. All the energy of the past inhabitants has already imprinted on the area leaving behind residual energy.

It appears that it is this energy that calls ghosts to an area.  And then, of course, there are residual ghosts that seems to be trapped in time and space destined to repeat their actions for eternity. No one knows for sure if this is the case, but most experts believe that a residual ghost is merely an imprint on the area that repeats at regular intervals. How and why this happens is certainly food for thought. Why one event appears to imprint and another does not is a mystery.

No matter how you look at it, cemetaries probably aren’t the best place to visit if you want to see a ghost.


One thought on “Why Aren’t There More Ghosts in Graveyards?

  1. The dead coming to us, the living… To remind us that the past shouldn’t be forgotten? Poetic.

    I have encountered ghosts in graveyards however. Maybe they lie dormant or are attracted to the lively cats in the area.

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