So the Skeptic Husband Says

Ghostly ImagesYou may not be aware, but I am married to a man that really doesn’t get too excited about anything paranormal. He indulges me and watches Ghost Hunters with me, but he’s a skeptic through and through.  Me?  Well.. I’m not ready to declare that the souls of the dearly departed linger in our homes, but I’m not willing to say they don’t either.

I think something exists and I find it comforting to think they are the spirits of those we love and not some evil being lurking in the corners of my home. I’ve seen some things and heard some things that appear to defy explanation, but I’m just not so sure what they are.

Anyway, the skeptic husband has arisen early and is busy at work on his computer when he hears me crawl out of bed, emerge from the bedroom and pass behind him to head down the hall to the bathroom. It doesn’t strike him odd that I do not respond to his “Good Morning!” (He suggests that I sometimes fail to respond in the morning, but I don’t believe him.) In fact, it doesn’t even strike him odd that I do not return from the bathroom right away to gulp down steaming hot coffee. Nothing strikes him odd, until 20 minutes later when I get out of bed and walk into the living room.

No one knows what my husband heard or if some weary soul was wandering through my home at dawn. Perhaps the wind? Perhaps nothing at all. But I for one am amused that he actually heard something for which he has no explanation.

Later when a loud clink came from the kitchen and he asked what is was, I just shrugged. He then said “Oh, a fork must have fell.” I responded simply with, “Yes. That must be what it was.” and tried to hide a smile.

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One thought on “So the Skeptic Husband Says

  1. But what made the fork fall I wonder! lol Unless you have cats… those pesky animals think everything is theirs to mess with 😛

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