I’ve thinking a lot lately about psychokinesis.  (The ability to manipulate the physical  environment with the power of the human mind.) It’s not like I possess the power myself or anything, but I find it intriguing. What a I find more intriguing is the public view of psychokinesis. On one hand, society disregards the possibility and labels those who claim to have the power as, well, more than a little loonie.

Yet, when claims of paranormal activity involving moving objects, banging doors and physical contact become known, we are quick to label it as  poltergeist activity and claim it is the result of recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis.The activity is generally attributed to an adolescent girl experiencing stress or emotional upheaval who manipulates the physical environment without being aware of her actions.

It seems a little convenient doesn’t it? If someone claims to deliberately exercise this power to manipulate objects then they must be a little unbalanced, yet if someone claims not to be responsible for the activity we claim that it is an unconscious manifestation of repressed rage.

It sounds a bit like having your cake and eating it too. Either the human mind has the power to manipulate physical objects or it doesn’t.

I’d love to hear your views on psychokinesis.


2 thoughts on “Psychokinesis

  1. A rage suppressing adolescent girl experiencing stress or emotional upheaval who manipulates the physical environment without being aware of her actions? Yeah that sounds like me. At least that sounds like me a while back, when my abusing mother lived with me.

    This one night I was going through stress and took some chill pills to sleep. I don’t remember much, but I do remember that someone came to the house and I started freaking out because the place was a mess. I got up but it was hard to move stuff because of the strong medication relaxing me. I just kept on thinking on what had to be done, and when I decided to move a chair it moved by itself when I held out my hands.

    When I freaked out from the chair moving on its own, something in the hallway next to me fell without anything to my knowledge affecting it. Then the animals ran away from me and well… Ive never taken those pills since LOL

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