Disappearing Object Phenomenon: Is it For Real?

Disappearing Object Phenomenon, referred to as DOP or The DOPler Effect is a strange and sometimes bizarre event that happens in homes all across America everyday. You’ve probably even experienced it yourself. Perhaps you were watching TV and when you reached for the remote it had mysteriously disappeared. Now that in itself is nothing to be concerned about. But, you enlisted the help of everyone in the family to help you search your home and it was nowhere to be found. Suddenly it reappears exactly where it should have been. How could everyone have missed it right there in plain sight?

It’s the DOPler Effect.

So exactly where did your remote go and how did it reappear? No one knows for sure, but there are several theories.

The first of which is, yep, you guessed it; plain old forgetfulness. It may seem like objects have a mind of their own and simply show up somewhere else when you aren’t looking. But the truth is; you probably did forget that you moved it. When the object is finally located, you can often think back to prior to losing it and recall leaving the room or answering the phone, probably with the item in hand. And there it is right where you stopped to pet the cat or get a drink of water.

This really isn’t DOP at all, at least not as far as the paranormal kind goes.

But that wasn’t the case with the disappearing remote. Okay. So we ruled out that you didn’t absentmindedly take the remote to another room and forget it. Now what?

Well, the second most common reason for objects going missing and reappearing in the same location, is; someone else moved it and when they saw you upset and searching they didn’t want to own up to it. They quietly sneaked it back in its proper place when you weren’t looking. Admittedly, if you have kids this is a plausible explanation.

But everyone was accounted for and you are absolutely sure no one moved the remote when you weren’t looking.

Hm. Now that’s getting interesting.

Many psychics and paranormal researchers claim that the object slips into another dimension and returns to our dimension later on. This, of course, is just a theory and there really isn’t any evidence to support that multiple dimensions really exist, let alone that your remote has visited one.

Others attribute it to ghostly activity, either because the spirit wishes to communicate with you or he thinks it’s funny to see you running around looking for the remote. You have to admit it.  If you were a ghost and had no way to interact with us mortals thumbing our noses at your existence, a good game of hide seek would probably break up the monotony a bit.

Whatever the reason, we all know that objects do disappear when no one is looking. We’ve all experienced the DOPler Effect at one time or another, but probably didn’t think anyone would believe us if we told them.

So what do you say? Have you experienced The DOPler Effect? Drop a line in the comments and share your stories.