Disappearing Object Found in Unlikely Place

I know we’ve talked about disappearing objects a couple of times, but the latest event in our household surpasses a misplaced pot or pan that turns up in an unlikely place.

One of my children “lost” her Pokemon binder from when she was young. No one has seen it for at least three years, when we moved into a new house. We have assumed it was packed away in some unused corner of the attic waiting to be found.

Before I go on, let me explain that when we moved, we transported everything across town in personal vehicles. There were no movers involved. I personally went through the old house and vacuumed out closets and checked by kid’s rooms. The binder was not there.

Fast forward three years and a few months..

My daughter is now ready to go off to college and we take a trip to the big city to do some shopping. We drive into the Goodwill (70 miles from home) and browse for odd and ends for her room.

She notices a big binder and opens it. Inside is a neat array of Pokemon cards. She browses the pages, and notices that it has the same cards she had when she was young, she turns a few more pages and notices some “empty pockets” just like in her old binder, she turns to the end and finds several sheets of blank notebook paper at the back of the binder “just like her old binder.” At this point, the theme song from twilight zone plays in her head and she closes the book to take a closer look at the front cover. There on the cover are the very stickers (unrelated to Pokemon)she had placed as a child. The binder WAS her old binder. These WERE her Pokemon cards.

These cards were not left in the old house. No one in the family donated them to Goodwill.(We didn’t donate anything to anywhere.) No one gave them away. No one sold them at a yard sale. No one has seen them for at least three years.

So, I ask you. How did they get to the Goodwill still intact, in the same order, complete with loose leaf paper in the back of the book– THREE years later and 70 miles away? ( I will also note that when the clerk put them in the bag, she tipped the binder and cards began to spill out … yet they stayed neatly in order for three years.)

I can’t help but think there is some message to all of this. But then I haven’t filled you in on the unusual way an old roommate I hadn’t seen for 30 years made contact and how it ties into the story.


Disappearing Objects

I wrote an article sometime back called Disappearing Object Phenomenon: Is it For Real and have been thinking about it ever since. Until that time, I didn’t know other people experienced this, and I simply thought I was absent minded–as a matter of fact, I wrote the article a bit tongue in cheek, but soon experienced something that changed my mind. I won’t repeat it here, but if  you are interested in my experience you can read about that in my post  Speaking of Disappearing Objects.

Several months ago, I lost the cover to my turkey roaster. I’ve looked everywhere–I’ve even emptied the drawers in  case it could somehow fit under my other pans. I’ve looked outside on the off chance that I carried it outside with me when distracted. I haven’t found the roaster cover and it bothers me a bit. It’s too big to be accidentally thrown away, or slip behind other objects. And that’s what brings me back to my original article and experience.

I received a few responses to that article from people who wished to share their experiences and I thought I’d take a moment today to share them with you.

The first comes from an unidentified guest:

My pay as you go electric utility box went missing for three months. It’s about 6 by 8 inches, and was always plugged into a wall behind  my roommates only couch.

One day no one could find the box. Not me, not my roommate, or even my girlfriend. We all looked on and off for three months in my small apartment. I personally  lifted and moved the couch on two occasions to look for the box, but there was no utility box anywhere.

One day while my roommate was away on vacation for a week, I looked to the side of the couch–there on the floor, right next to it was our SRP box. My roommate even asked me where I found it when he came back.

I know that nobody hid it because we racked up a $150 debt thanks to it missing. And the fact that it appeared while I was home alone for a week also attests that no one could have placed it back.

I do believe this phenomena is not always human error. I am a strong believer of this DOP effect due to this experience of mine.

Ami’s account of her experience is a bit more invloved:

Very briefly, items have been mysteriously appearing and disappearing in our house for about 8 months. Strangely, neither of us has yet felt particularly threatened and have actually found the whole thing quite fun.

However, a few months ago, a CD case of mine that had disappeared about 7 months previously, suddenly reappeared again in an obscure part of the house. Only one of 5 original CD’s was inside. I checked that it was ok and put it back into the case and then put the case on the locker next to our bed. Next morning, the case was still there but the CD had been replaced with a blank, taken from another shelf in the same room.

This marked the start of a whole series of strange happenings and a ratchetting up of the frequency of these incidents. We’ve had pictures being moved around in the bedroom. We don’t physically see them move but when we enter the bedroom they have been moved from their original positions and have been placed on different walls.

**Please feel free to add your own experiences in the comment section to share with other readers!**

Disappearing objects strike again

I know I shouldn’t be surprised when something goes missing and then returns, but I always am.

Last week when I got ready to cook dinner, I went to the cupboard for a can of cream of mushroom soup. I reached for it and it wasn’t there. I moved every can on the shelf because I knew I had a can soup on the shelf. It wasn’t there.

I looked on all the shelves. I looked in the kitchen. I looked in the dining room. I looked with the cereal. I looked everywhere. It was nowhere to be found.

I took the cans off the shelf. I checked every label. There was no soup.

I gave up, rationalizing that someone must have used it and went to the store to buy a can. I bought two for good measure. I came home, made the casserole and set the extra can on the shelf.

Tonight when I reached for a can of veggies, there was the can of soup sitting right in front, along with the extra can I had purchased. I know it was the missing can because it was a store brand and the new soup was Campbells.

Where did it come from? Where had it been?

I have no explanation.

Disappearing objects… is this a joke?

Some of you may have read my entries about disappearing objects and already know that once I published it I had an experience of my own. Well, lets just say I was amused…but I’m beginning to less amused as time goes on.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning up after dinner and washed the table with a pink sponge. I turned around to wash the dishes and the sponge was gone. We looked everywhere for it. It wasn’t in the dining room it wasn’t in the kitchen…it wasn’t even in the garbage. I shrugged it off and took out a new sponge. To say I forgot about it wouldn’t exactly be the truth. I’ve had my eye open for it and had the nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it would turn up “some day”.

Yesterday, when I searched in one of the lower drawers in the kitchen for a pan, I was quite surprised to find the sponge tucked in the bottom underneath all the pans.  All sorts of things ran through my head, but I kept silent

I thought maybe it was on the counter and the drawer was open. Maybe it fell into the drawer. Maybe someone put pans away on top it without noticing it. Well seeming that someone would be me and I’ve been watching for the sponge it seems highly unlikely that I would not notice it.

Today, my daughter walked into the dining room and announced Something weird is going on with the electronics in my room. She claims that the alarm on her cell phone went off even though the phone was turned off.  Okay..so maybe she was half asleep and turned it off when it sounded and didn’t realize it. Then she proceeds to relay a story of watching a movie on the Internet and hearing a woman’s voice speak and then hearing static. She reviewed the movie and it wasn’t on the movie. Okay..so maybe somehow a vehicle drove by and a cell phone broadcasted over the Internet. No I don’t know the feasibility of that. Never heard of it happening, but at least its a possibility.

Then… she relays that yesterday her cell phone suddenly turned up missing. She couldn’t locate it anywhere until she looked under the bed. The phone was way out of reach resting underneath a large ceramic doll that she had under her bed… a good 4 or 5 feet from the window sill she leaves it on.

I can rationalize how it might get under her bed, but I really can’t think of an explanation for how it got under the doll.

I’m not sure I’m ready to send out the alarm that my house is haunted,  but I am getting mighty leery of the unusual things that have happened here.

Speaking of Disappearing Objects Phenomenon……

Last night after posting about the DOPler Effect and poking a little fun at all of us because we need an excuse for not being able to find objects we have lost; I decided to sit down and read my TAPS Paramagazine. Now, its not a new issue, but it came in when I was the midst of moving and it got set aside.

I ran into it earlier yesterday when I was cleaning and I set it aside to read. I very specifically placed it on shelf within arms reach of my computer.

It wasn’t there. I looked through papers. I looked on other shelves. I looked with the books. It was no where to be found. Okay, I accepted that and did what we all do…figured I must have put it somewhere else and forgot. That would be fine except…

I got up this morning and did my regular writing and went about my business without another thought of the magazine. Just now, I walked back into the room and there it sets exactly where it should have been last night.

I don’t know where that magazine has been. I don’t know if it visited a parallel universe or slipped into another dimension, but I do know I looked for it exactly where it should have been and it wasn’t there and now it is.

Disappearing Object Phenomenon: Is it For Real?

Disappearing Object Phenomenon, referred to as DOP or The DOPler Effect is a strange and sometimes bizarre event that happens in homes all across America everyday. You’ve probably even experienced it yourself. Perhaps you were watching TV and when you reached for the remote it had mysteriously disappeared. Now that in itself is nothing to be concerned about. But, you enlisted the help of everyone in the family to help you search your home and it was nowhere to be found. Suddenly it reappears exactly where it should have been. How could everyone have missed it right there in plain sight?

It’s the DOPler Effect.

So exactly where did your remote go and how did it reappear? No one knows for sure, but there are several theories.

The first of which is, yep, you guessed it; plain old forgetfulness. It may seem like objects have a mind of their own and simply show up somewhere else when you aren’t looking. But the truth is; you probably did forget that you moved it. When the object is finally located, you can often think back to prior to losing it and recall leaving the room or answering the phone, probably with the item in hand. And there it is right where you stopped to pet the cat or get a drink of water.

This really isn’t DOP at all, at least not as far as the paranormal kind goes.

But that wasn’t the case with the disappearing remote. Okay. So we ruled out that you didn’t absentmindedly take the remote to another room and forget it. Now what?

Well, the second most common reason for objects going missing and reappearing in the same location, is; someone else moved it and when they saw you upset and searching they didn’t want to own up to it. They quietly sneaked it back in its proper place when you weren’t looking. Admittedly, if you have kids this is a plausible explanation.

But everyone was accounted for and you are absolutely sure no one moved the remote when you weren’t looking.

Hm. Now that’s getting interesting.

Many psychics and paranormal researchers claim that the object slips into another dimension and returns to our dimension later on. This, of course, is just a theory and there really isn’t any evidence to support that multiple dimensions really exist, let alone that your remote has visited one.

Others attribute it to ghostly activity, either because the spirit wishes to communicate with you or he thinks it’s funny to see you running around looking for the remote. You have to admit it.  If you were a ghost and had no way to interact with us mortals thumbing our noses at your existence, a good game of hide seek would probably break up the monotony a bit.

Whatever the reason, we all know that objects do disappear when no one is looking. We’ve all experienced the DOPler Effect at one time or another, but probably didn’t think anyone would believe us if we told them.

So what do you say? Have you experienced The DOPler Effect? Drop a line in the comments and share your stories.