Ghost Pets: Paranormal Evidence of Doggy’s Presence?

Dakota (2)


Two weeks ago our beloved dog of over 12 years passed away suddenly. Naturally, we were heartbroken and mourned his passing deeply. Until then, I hadn’t given a lot of thought to what happens to animals when they pass away. I’d heard stories of people seeing the ghost of their pets, and I had even seen a ghost cat myself, but I still wasn’t sure whether animals experienced any sort of life after death.

A few days ago I was thawing some chicken in the microwave when I had a rather unusual experience. First, let me explain that I was thawing chicken to make a stir-fry. It had become my practice to cut the fatty ends and little pieces of chicken off the chicken breast and cook them in water in the microwave for the dog. He didn’t normally get table food, so he looked forward to this treat whenever we had stir-fried chicken. He never let me forget to cook his share.

As I went to the microwave to turn over the chicken, I was standing with the door held open. Suddenly, something dropped from above and hit the edge of the door and tumbled to the floor. Wondering what it was and where it came from, I looked up. The only thing above the area was a large enclosed florescent light in the ceiling. I wondered if a piece of the plastic had broken off and fallen, but couldn’t see any damage to the light.

I looked down to the floor to see if I could find the object that had fell. There lying at my feet was a piece of his dog food.

The floor and area had been thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed after his passing, so I know there was no piece of dog food left behind. There is no place above the area for a piece of dog food to hide. I was the only one home. The piece of dog food could not have been tossed or knocked into the area by someone else.

I’m not sure where the piece of dog food came from, but I cannot find any logical explanation. I am left thinking that perhaps his spirit lingers and still enjoys the thought of a tasty treat of chicken.