Signs of the Paranormal:Are You Being Haunted?

For many of us, the thought of being haunted is a little scary and we will do almost anything to convince ourselves that what we hear or see isn’t really happening. It’s not so much that we don’t trust our senses. It’s more of a concern over what others will think of us when we tell our story.

Just last night, as I climbed into bed and got myself comfortable I had a bit of an experience that I pretty much shook off as imagination until  I spoke to my husband this morning.

It began with a strange sound I couldn’t identify. To be honest it sounded like the rapid fluttering of wings, but it only lasted a few seconds and was gone. I called to the cat and got no response. I lay wondering if I should get up and explore the sound when I felt the cat leap onto the foot of the bed. I moved my foot to give her room and looked down to discover there was no cat there. Now, this wouldn’t have struck me as so unusual if it hadn’t happened before … but it has and it gave me a bit of a start. Still, I was convinced somehow I was imagining it all.

I lay there in silence (with the blankets pulled over my head) and listened. My husband was in the living room watching TV, so I knew I had backup should anything happen.

I began to hear small rustling sounds in the wall at the head of bed. So that was it, a field mouse must have come in from the cold and was hiding out in my wall. I relaxed and vowed to put out some mousetraps. Tiny scratching and what I presumed was gnawing followed.

Suddenly, a rush of sound startled me. Something ran rapidly through the wall.  I grew up in an old house where mice in the wall was a nightly occurrence and this was no mouse. It was too big — too loud — and way too fast. Finally, I decided it must be a squirrel. Yes, that was it . A squirrel in the wall. Convinced I had solved the mystery, I went to sleep.

This morning my husband listened as I retold my story. He looked at me and told me that the wall I was talking about had no crawl space and was completely filled with insulation. (He had installed the wall himself when we moved in a year ago.)What makes it worse is that is the same wall I heard the loud scratching in a few weeks ago.

If you are experiencing unusual activity in your home and simply cannot find a logical reason for it, it just might be paranormal. This article describes the types of activities that might indicate the presence of a ghost or spirit in your home. It suggests ways to determine if the cause is paranormal or if there may be other logical explanations. As for  me, well, my husband will be exploring the attic later for any signs to explain the cause of the noises I am hearing.

7 Signs of Paranormal Activity: Are You Being Haunted?

39 thoughts on “Signs of the Paranormal:Are You Being Haunted?

  1. i came down the hallway on my way to the kitchen to get a i approach the kitchen a white floating figure approached me and i got such a big freight i turned around and rushed to switch on the light of the hallway..i remember getting ice cold chills the moment i layed my eyes on the figure and that’s when i decided to do research on unexplained hauntings…i hope its nothing serious as its the first time in my life i experience something like this..good luck to you all !♡

  2. When I was three months old I moved into an old white house in Portland, OR. My mother told me that when we moved in, strange things began happening. My mother found a key, a skeleton key, which went into no lock in the house. As soon as the key was found, all the doors in the house began to automatically lock and unlock themselves. She mentioned that the feeling in the house was very thick and dark. Then she mentioned, I started babbling and attempting to communicate with some entity that was in the house. Long story short to end it all my mother said a prayer and put the key back. Nothing happened to her but with me, with me it never went away. Since three months old I’ve constantly encountered paranormal activity. I’ve heard things, felt things, seen things, smelt things, dreamed things. Nothing I do works, it won’t go away. 18 years later, I’m currently living at my own place and I wake up with bruises a lot. I wish I understood why this is all happening. I’m worried I may have to go back to where it all started.

    • Alice,
      Maybe you should contact a paranormal group in your area and talk to them about your experiences. They may be able to help you. Have you had the bruises checked out by your doctor to rule out any medical reasons you may bruise easily. Maybe you thrash around in your sleep and hit the bed rail or other object that is leaving bruises. You also might want to keep notes on anytime you bump into objects during the day. Sometimes bruises show up the next day and we have forgotten that we bumped out arm on the counter or leg on the table. Just some thoughts to consider about the bruises.

  3. Uhhhhh ive lived in baytown for 3 years when i found out i was having to move to league city i was very frustrated and i had a lot of emotional stress when i got to my new house in leauge city the first two weeks were fine but then i was tryng to escape from my parents for half an hour to watch netflix on my tablet… Then i heard scratching on the outer wall of my clost i heard a knocking on the door i opened it to find noone or nothing then the knocking moved into all of the walls of my closet and thenn i sat up and each and every move i made it mad another knock i showed my friend later and we heard foot steps from the ceiling and the knocking continued tht was about two or three months ago…. About a week and a half ago i was noticing it getting worse … There was a shadow and it was unexplained my tv was turning on and off my light was shorting out and then i felt a pain in my shoulder and my arm but the nepxt day i looked at my arm that was having pain and there was finger bruises and a scratch ive been waking up with marks on my body and im terrified to sleep

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