Red Mist… Spirit Portal?

ghost-worldsMelba Goodwyn a parapsychologist and member of the Texarkana Paranormal Investigations offers an interesting point of view about spirit portals in her book Ghost Worlds.

According to Goodwyn, spirit portals are the result of two overlapping dimensions. She relays an incident where she observes the formation of a spirit portal and photographs orbs as they exit.
Goodwyn and a group of friends set out to investigate a haunted bridge at “Cry-Baby-Creek”. When they arrived they discovered two bridges and were not sure which was the haunted one. After trucking back and forth from one to another they finally settled on what was presumed to be the haunted bridge.

After some time, Goodwyn claims to have heard a slight whirring sound and then observed a red mist forming. The mist formed a sphere. Suddenly multicolored orbs in varying sizes flew rapidly out of the center. The portal closed as quickly as it opened and activity stopped.

According to Goodwynn. portals can be located in any area, but are common in scared burial grounds, probably because Native American’s intuitively chose an area with high activity as a burial ground.

Spirit portals may be located in any area, even in homes. Now that’s a thought I don’t want to entertain for long. It’s one thing to hear random voices or hear a knock or two, but the thought of a spirit portal in the midst of my home is just a little too weird.

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