Cats, orbs and other weird possibilities …

Ghost Cat

by Sapphireblue/ Flickr

As if seeing the weird black orb floating in my room the other night wasn’t enough to get a good freak on, my cat has now decided to suddenly look into the doorway to my darkened bedroom, run towards the door as though she was about to catch something and then eerily back up like she is afraid.

I can’t see a thing. I even got the flashlight to look behind the mirror and in the closet. There isn’t anything there. She is now sitting in my room watching some invisible object as it moves along the floor.

Call me short-sighted, but when I saw the orb the other night and posted about it here, I didn’t think about all the times my cat has sat on the edge of my bed and “watched” something floating around the room. Those of you who have been reading my blog probably remember the times I have been spooked by her actions and even gotten down and laid beside her trying to see what she is looking at.

I don’t know if they are connected, but I can tell you that I’m feeling a little spooked tonight.

Black Floating Orb with Tentacles?

I had a rather strange experience last night.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a floating object a few feet above the pillows. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. It appeared to be about 3 inches in diameter and was moving slowly like it was floating in the air. The weird part was that it wasn’t round. It was squiggly around the edges and resembled  a tangle of strings  or fibers that were all moving very slowly as if they were drifting in a gentle breeze.

I thought perhaps it was a shadow cast from something on the outside of my window as the moon was bright in the sky. There wasn’t anything on the window. I then assumed it must be a spider drifting down to my bed on a thread of silk. (Really, what else could it be?) I turned on the light and it vanished. I searched the pillows and bed and nothing could be found.

I’ll be honest with you, I had chalked it up to a dream until tonight when I decided to check online for similar stories. It seems that others have seen unexplained black orbs with eerily similar shapes and behaviors.  Here are some of the descriptions I found:


I notice a strange dark spot hovering 50 cm above my chest. It’s see through and looks like a mass of dark ink swirling in water. via


The weird thing about this orb is it kind of looks almost like a spider because around its centre it has what I can only describe as legs or tentacle like projections. via Psychic Experiences


They are usually round in shape, but not always; there are times when they look more like an amoeba than an orb… via Show Me Ghost West

At this point, I really don’t know what to think about my experience. I can tell you that I was not afraid – except for the few moments when I entertained the idea it might be a big old wood spider dropping down to say hello. I was puzzled and confused. Until tonight, I had never heard of anything like this.

If you have witnessed similar orbs, I’d love to hear your story.

UPDATE  7/9/2017: To date this has been my most popular post. I continue to receive messages from people of all ages and from all walks of life who have had similar experiences to my own. The vast majority of those who have seen a black floating orb claim they had never heard of them before, which tends to confirm that what they are experiencing is not a result of suggestion or imagination.

People are seeing something very real. I just don’t know what it is.

I ran across a link the other day suggesting that this thing is actually a visual hallucination that occurs during hypnagogia (the transitional state where the mind is neither fully awake or asleep). 

Hypnagogia is also the state that is thought to be responsible for sleep paralysis, a condition where the mind awakes before the body and you are unable to move, but are conscious of everything around you. Many people experience unusual sights and sounds at this time and often feel like aliens or spirits are present. They often report a feeling of terror. While scientists attribute the experience to sleep paralysis, some question whether there is a paranormal cause for the experience. 

I don’t know if the black floating orb is simply part of a visual hallucination experienced during hypnagogia or not. I guess the part that always makes me wonder about sleep paralysis and the perception of entities or powers controlling you, and now about black floating orbs is: If they are simply a brain-glitch, why would so many people experience the “same” visual hallucination? It seems to me that the hallucinations would differ.

Keep your stories coming! I’d love to hear from you.

Now that was weird!

Ghost Cat

by Sapphireblue/ Flickr

I’m not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but a while ago I was lying in bed and thought I caught a glimpse of a cat going into my closet.  My own cat, Sage,  was either on the bed or on the other side of the room. It spooked me a for a bit, but I soon forgot about it – until recently.

The night before last Sage started acting weird and crying like she wanted something. I checked that she had food and water and even gave her a little drink of milk and a taste of her kitty greens. Nothing I did seemed to satisfy her. Finally in frustration, I stood up and said “Show me.”

She trotted across the living room and into the bedroom, stopping periodically to look behind her to make sure I was following. She went into the bedroom and crawled into the closet. This closet has a curtain, which I pulled back to see what she was doing.

It also has several boxes, folded clothes and extra blankets on the floor. She went to the blanket and began to crawl under it while looking back at me and crying. I know I should have looked under the blanket, but I did’t. I just called her out and left the room. It was nighttime and the closet was dark and I simply didn’t have the courage to look under the blanket or move the boxes to see what was there. I thought maybe she was showing me her hiding place – at least that’s what I told myself.

It wasn’t until the next day that I remembered seeing the “ghost cat” go in the closet. Now, I’m wondering if the two events are connected and what I might have discovered if I’d explored the closet.  Sage was perfectly normal the next day and has been since.

Bigfoot sighting in Turner, Maine

Maine Ridge Monster

TURNER, MAINE Bigfoot Sighting – Video Evidence of Bigfoot

Just when I was beginning to wonder why the mysterious Bigfoot had an aversion to the beautiful state of Maine, up pops video evidence that he is alive and well in Turner, Maine. At least, that is how it seems.

Bigfoot researcher Bill Brock has posted videos captured by a father and son team in Turner, Maine that certainly look like Bigfoot. The only part of the videoed interview that bothers me is the Bigfoot tracks in the snow. To the untrained eye (mine) the footprints look odd. The toes are straight across and the shape of the foot does not seem to fit with previous Bigfoot prints. Perhaps it is an effect of the snow or some other condition.

Check out Bigfoot Caught on Video in Turner, Maine for more information and links to three videos.

I’d love to hear what you think about this video evidence!

Amazing photo – Is it evidence of Dopplegangers or Reincarnation?

IMG_20150101_125608I received these pictures today from a fan who left a message on my post about Doppelgangers. The picture on the right is a drawing of Mary Shelton (1510-1570/71). The photo on the left is one of her descendants nearly 500 years later.

The young lady’s mom says she never believed in Doppelgangers until she saw these two pictures side-by-side.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what to think. There is an uncanny resemblance between the two. Could it be mere coincidence? A case of reincarnation?

We’d love to hear what you think.


Is something trying to get my attention?


Apples on treeThere have been a couple of slightly unusual events in our home recently. Nothing earth-shattering, just enough to make you scratch your head and wonder. The first occurred when I was sleeping. I hadn’t been feeling well and laid down to read and dozed off. I awoke to ‘someone’ repeatedly saying what sounded like “Pan Chu” into my ear. I have no idea if “Pan Chu” is significant in anyway. It doesn’t mean anything to me.

The second occurred when I walked into the dining room near the tree. One of the red apples suddenly came tumbling down and rolled across the floor for no reason. I assumed the hook worked its way free of the branch and didn’t think much of it – until last night while hubby and I were watching TV and we suddenly heard what sounded like something hitting one of the apples before it came tumbling off the tree.

The cat was in the other room, the dog was sleeping and we were both a good 20 feet from the tree. I don’t know what made the apple fall, and I wouldn’t have given it much thought if it weren’t for the distinctive sound that someone or something hit the apple before it fell from the tree.

Is someone or something trying to get our attention? I really don’t know, but it does seem a little odd. For now, I’ll assume they were normal occurrences, but I will keep my eyes and ears open for anything out of the ordinary.

Weird sounds in wall are spooking me…

Not my actual house!


We’ve all heard the eerie stories of hauntings where the homeowners hear weird scratching and growling in the walls of the home. If you are anything like me, the thought probably creeps you out a bit.

I have some weird noises going on and I sincerely hope someone can give me a logical explanation for them.  It begins with scratching in the wall that under normal circumstances I would attribute to a mouse. I live in a old house and they often sneak in for the winter. I also have a cat that is very good mouser and typically keeps them under control. However, I’m willing to accept that part of what I’m hearing is a mouse that she hasn’t found yet. But – there is something weird about the sounds.

When I hear the scratching sounds, which can last for 20 minute or so at night, I also hear a weird buzzing sound in the wall. When I first heard it, I thought it was a big old fly or bee around the window frame buzzing to get out, but it’s not.  I don’t know how else to describe the sound other than a buzzing, fluttering sound. Sometimes it is quite loud. It has been happening off an on for months, maybe even years.

I didn’t think much of it during the summer. I just figured it was some flying insect trapped and trying to escape – but when it continued and the temps dropped below zero, I knew it couldn’t be any kind of bug. I also knew it would be highly unlikely that I would only hear it when I heard the scratching. It moves to different locations in the wall and to the opposite wall.

There are no electrical wires or plumbing in that location. Both walls are outside walls. The attic is above the room.  I never hear the buzzing without also hearing the scratching sounds.

So now it’s your turn. Please debunk these weird sounds for me!