Shadow People


Reports of shadow people have existed throughout history. The observer generally reports seeing a dark shadow that resembles the form of a human which appears and moves of its own accord.

The shadow person does not have distinguishable facial features and may be either much smaller or larger than a human. They are often noticed as movement from the corner of the eye, sometimes disappearing when the observer turns to investigate. Shadow people may move quickly across a room, usually disappearing through the wall or closed door.

Many report a feeling of extreme dread or fear accompanying the sighting of a shadow person. Others have reported that when the shadow moves across their physical being a feeling of extreme cold overcomes their body. This sensation of coldness disappears once the shadow person is gone.

For a detailed description of shadow people read: What Are Shadow People?


5 thoughts on “Shadow People

  1. They do produce feelings of dread and leave u feeling cold when it comes close to u. I have had 3 different shadow figures coming and going here. When we 1st moved in here it would shake my legs at night and wake me up. But it had nothing to say. It scared the hell out of me. I have felt at times it might be protecting us. I am glad I was able to read this and ur comments. I stumbled onto this completely by accident.
    I have started a site to help haunted victims/families. We had a hard time finding help. I called the Catholic church here and they said they usually get 3 cases like mine a yr and in less than 2 months they had gotten 20 cases including my own. So this site is set up to decipher what type of haunting they have and to bring them help as quickly as possible. Check it out. Its small but our members have alot of experience. Thanks!!!

  2. This one time I forgot to turn my alarm clock on. Well at exactly 7:13(the time i get up at) I was woken up by something shaking my leg. I look down and see a shadow figure, it looked at me, then drifted out of my room. I don’t think all of them are bad.

  3. They usually just stand around me, the ones that I know. This one time a shadow thing was disturbing my dad when he tried to sleep. It was blocking the air from the air cooling unit and it moved his bed around by bumping it. When I put protective wards in his room and purified it the creature didn’t bother him again.

  4. i am not to sure of a shadow person being a spirt but i am tending to believe that it is because i have seen a shadow in my home moving around me and head strait for the rest room where i can hear the door open and shut and the n the towlet flush with out any one being in the room or even up but you are right it is more comman to feel felings of dread or fear when seeing this because in most peoples mind spirts are spirts they are nothing that can walk the face of the earth but they are wrong they may be decest and no more of the earth that we know but we are all spirts we are souls with bodies so most people find it hard to come to terms of a ghost walking throught the house even thought we all know some are not of good turn to your faith and all should be okay

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