Artist rendition of poltergeist activity. (1911)

Artist rendition of poltergeist activity. (1911)

If you have suddenly found yourself visited by an unseen force that rumbles around your home at night making unusual sounds and moving objects, you just might have a poltergeist in your home.

Poltergeist activity is distinguished from other paranormal activity by the sudden onset of unusual noises and objects moving on their own which lasts anywhere from several days or weeks to up to 2 years. Then the activity suddenly ceases.

Poltergeist activity usually follows a series of stages from the simple sounds of footsteps and may progress to aggressive personal attacks or violent bouts of knives and other sharp objects hurling through the air.

Read more for further information on the stages of Poltergeist activity and to find out what you can do to stop it.

Poltergeists: Noisy Ghosts


One thought on “Poltergeists

  1. i have enegy of light thats trying too lay at rest and it found its
    way in side my house and yes change of the family has been
    made. for all the good and of course it trys to pick up the energy from my little girl for her personality changes and i do see the change i am picking up all kinds of reading from the
    energy but i dont pay it no mind to it. last night as i was in the room working out and the girls were the living room when
    i got to the table it was a wired filling and as if it didnt want to be bother and before i knew it my daughter said it out load at
    the table it felt like my spirit didnt want no part of it and so i ate and they said fast and then i found my self studying the bibe as if i was being guieded and when i open the bible and start geting into the spirit of the word i saw a quick black shadow that went right over the right side of me and it was fast and i didnt pay no mind to it and keep on studying when my girl came in we both we getting ready for bed and as if she
    look she said she saw a light passing by and it hit two times
    of course keep my mind clear so no fear of any kind and i just
    said that is it Its time for it to leave for now it didnt care who
    sees it and as if it like the attion and so i pray with the holy water and cross my house in all places and it appear to me in
    its way of doing but as it did i read it more, of the energy it was and so the we are making sure the stress is cut down
    from all sides and yes i did see the light at first. it anything you could think of helping me please let me know the fasting and the power of prayer of faith and also other people
    knowlegde is good as well. thank you for taking the time

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