Intelligent Spirits

Most of us make the assumption that ghosts and spirits are evil beings that haunt a location to frighten or harm us. Although this may be true of the inhuman spirit, it is generally not true of the intelligent spirit.

The intelligent spirit has a purpose that is probably unrelated to you, although they may be seeking your help to solve their own issues. The intelligent spirit is aware of your presence and usually attempts to communicate with you in some way.

Intelligent spirits are believed to be the energy of a person who died unexpectedly or traumatically.

Some paranormal experts believe that this kind of spirit does not know that it is dead and is simply continuing with life as unusual.

Others believe the ghost has somehow been trapped between two planes of existence and is unable to move on.

Still others believe an intelligent spirit has chosen not to pass on to the realm of spirits because it has strong emotional ties to this world.

Learn to recognize an intelligent spirit and techniques others have used to rid their home of one.

When an Intelligent Spirit Haunts Your Home


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