Earthbound Spirits

If you have been reading my blogs you already know that a few unsettling events have happened in my home lately. Although I am not quick to call them a haunting, I do ponder what is behind  these seemingly unexplained happenings. Could they be the work of an earthbound spirit looking for help to reach the other side?

What Are Earthbound Spirits? gives an overview of current beliefs regarding earthbound spirits and the many reasons they linger here on earth. I hope you find it of value and that it helps to ease your discomfort if you are dealing with earthbound spirits in your life.


3 thoughts on “Earthbound Spirits

  1. hi candice

    i dont think the board had anything to do with it, i would say the ‘thing’ was already present in the house your brother moved into, spirits DO follow people, this thing really needs to be put in its place, try putting sea salt in the four corners in every room of your house, if it was me, i would be furious and tell it to f-off back to where it came from,how dare it rip your family apart. but yes, do go and see a priest, they will be more than willing to bless you, your house and your family.

    good luck and let us know!

  2. Almost two years ago i let my son Dakota, 12yrs. and my brother Tyler, 15yrs. play a Ouija Board in my home. Nothing happened after about 10 mins. of them trying, so I told them to put it up. Several weeks ( about 6 weeks) went by and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Then suddenly my brother moved into a house and started having things scare him. He came back to my house and evidently brought it with him. We started feeling something evil in my son’s room. I was vaccumning the room my son stays in and something blew on my neck! I had goosebumps all over and my mouth tasted of blood. After that I saw a black cloaked figure with a withered old man face staring at me from the hallway as I was telling my aunt about the incident happening. I ran out of the house, I was so frightened! She came over and “washed the walls in the blood of jesus” and it went away. Then my brother was being terrorized by this thing in his home. He committed suicide 3 months after playing that ouija board in my home! I feel it is my fault!

    9 months later I was in the hospital in the psych ward. I tried to commit suicide several times that week in May. Mother’s Day I finally started to come back. After leaving the hosptal, I was litterally psycotic. I just got back to myself. My son 13yrs. now went to the hospital with the same problems as me. We are both better now but the thing I saw in the hall comes back every so often.

    The house where my broher killed himself, was sold after he died. The people who moved into that house only lived there for 2 days before the entity drove them out screaming in the middle of the night. No one can live in that house! They see the same image that comes and haunts my home. I live in La., the house is in Ark.

    My question to you is how do i get rid of this and still be sane after? This thing ripped my family apart and is trying to kill us! I know I sound crazy, but I’m not the only one seeing and hearing things. Everyone that comes into this house has things happen to them. Can you help me?

    Thanks, Candice

    • Candice.. You need to contact a paranormal group in your area or clergy to help you with this. If you are affiliated with a church ask the pastor or priest for help.

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