Types of ghosts


Most of us use the term ghost very loosely to refer to any entity or experience we encounter that cannot be explained by science or nature. A knock in the night, a ghostly apparition, objects moving on their own all earn the title ghost from most people. But, what are ghosts and how do you know if you have encountered one?

Most ghost hunters would tell you that in order for something (or someone) to be considered a ghost, it has to be the spirit of a dead person who has not passed on to the afterlife.

There are other “beings” that may cause considerable disturbances in your life or your home, but unless they walked the earth as a human being in a prior life, they are not ghosts. What they are depends largely on who you ask.

To learn more about specific types of hauntings or beings that you may encounter as you explore the paranormal, check out the articles  in this section.


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