Doppelgangers: Are They Real?


Doppelgangers comes from the German meaning double goers and are thought by many to signal impending death. You’ve probably heard of doppelgangers before and maybe even seen them portrayed in science fiction movies. But they are just the workings of the imagination created to entertain the masses, aren’t they?

Maybe. A little reading has turned up some interesting information. It seems there are many who have actually claimed to have witnessed the Doppleganger of themselves or others. In some reports, the doppelganger was witnessed by several observers.

The case of Emilee Sagee in 1845 involves multiple reports of multiple sightings of her doppelganger over the course of time. Although the reports are primarily made by adolescent girls who admittedly could have banded together to create an interesting story for the adults, at least one incident involves 42 witnesses. Check out my article if you are interested in more information about doppelgangers and real-life reports of these mysterious beings.

Doppelgangers: Evil Twins or Body Doubles

There have been some interesting accounts of real people who claim to have seen themselves. The above article relays two such accounts made by people I have known personally. The medical field attributes the doppelganger effect to electromagnetic stimulation of the left temporoparietal junction of the brain. This region holds the sensation of self image. Lab results produced a similar effect; however, this would not explain cases with multiple witnesses.

Do doppelgangers exist? Only those who claim to have seen one can say for sure. Perhaps one day we will have the answer. Until then, keep your eyes wide open. That exact double your mother always said existed just might be real.

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson’s new book Seeking Spirits has a very interesting account of a woman who was behaving rather strangely. Her husband became concerned because she was forgetting or denying conversations they had held. He eventually called in TAPS to find out if there was a paranormal reason for her odd behavior. Soon after the investigation began, Grant had a conversation with someone in an upstairs room whom he believed to be the man’s wife. Upon relaying that conversation to Jason, he discovered the woman had been with Jason the entire time. With further investigation they discovered what they believe was the woman’s doppelganger.

26 thoughts on “Doppelgangers: Are They Real?

  1. I have been doing our family genealogy for decades, and I happened across a sketching of my 14th Grt Aunt (daughter of my 15th grt grandparents:
    Sir John Shelton and Lady Anne B. Shelton) Lady Mary/Margy looks identical to my daughter. Too bad I couldn’t share the side-by-side on here! Very very eerie!

  2. Caught one on photo it was my wife she had her back to me on her left there was another one looking at me only visible

    e in the camera setting. I could fell it looking
    at me into darkness ????

  3. i’ve have encountered a doppelganger that of my companion here in my masters house. i didnt tell her because i thought it was really she that i saw, a week after that she got ill, what should i do?

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