Spirit Photography

Spirit Photography-

I captured this image yesterday while practicing shooting dewdrops with my new Macro Lens. I didn’t see the face in the drop until I uploaded the photos to my computer.  The image has not been altered other than basic sharpening and clarity adjustments I do on all my photos.

I’m not sure what the image is. I do know that is it not my reflection and no other people were with me. Maybe the mind is playing tricks on us and creating a familiar image to make sense of the reflection. This is called pareidolia and is the brain’s way of making sense of what we see.

While pareidolia cannot be ruled out, I think the possibility exists that sometimes images of ghosts and spirits are real and that pareidolia is the skeptic’s way of pooh poohing anything without a scientific explanation.

So, I ask you. What do you think? Did I capture an otherworldly image in this photo, or is my brain just trying to make sense of a reflection in the water drop?


Yeti is real, says British geneticist

Yeti is real, says British geneticist 

A British scientist believes he may have solved the mystery of the Yeti, the fabled bipedal creature that roams the Himalayas. According to an October 17 report by The Telegraph, Professor Bryan Sykes, a geneticist from the University of Oxford has found a match to DNA samples of the elusive creature. Read the Whole story.

Eating olives keeps ghosts away, says Jason Hawes

Eating olives keeps ghosts away, says Jason Hawes 

When Jason Hawes, co-founder of The North Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and lead investigator on SyFy’s paranormal reality show “Ghost Hunters”, first began seeing ghostly apparitions, he reacted much like any of us would. At first, he pointed them out to others, but he soon learned that no one else could see these misty forms and spooky apparitions. It was then, at the tender age of 20, that he began to fear he was going crazy. Read the whole story…

Evaluating Ghostly Images in Photographs

Ghostly Face

Ghostly Face taken by Nannette Richford

Last night while browsing one of my favorite forums, a user posted a photograph asking for opinions. The photo appeared to have the image of a young boy in it, even though there was no boy in the room at the time the photo was taken.

Interestingly the owner of the picture did not disclose what the viewer should be looking for, but rather asked what we saw. Discussion ensued with several people seeing faces, reptilian eyes and other unusual images. None, however, saw the image of the boy until the owner explained what he saw.

This started me thinking about the whole concept of people seeing what they expect to see and how matrixing effects what our brain perceives as real. The image of the “ghostly face” at the top of this post illustrates matrixing.

The image in the photo looks like the face of man. I see eyes, a nose, brow bones, cheeks and even nostrils. Some might even go so far as to say it looks a bit like Einstein–and I’d agree.

In reality, it is a photo of water boiling in a pot. The features we perceive are all made up of parts of boiling water. According to the experts, the image is a result of matrixing.

Because the human brain searches to identify recognizable forms to make sense of the world, we see a face. Is there some mysterious ghost in my pan? Not likely.

Now visualize all the great photos of real ghosts you have seen. How many of them were simply the mind searching for recognizable shapes?

I’m not suggesting that all images of ghosts and spirits caught on film are tricks of the eye or that paranormal images do not appear on film. But I do recognize that we need to be careful when we interpret the images we see, or the evidence we think have captured.

There are, of course, other things to consider when evaluating paranormal photography. I have gathered the most common explanations for what appears to be paranormal evidence in photographs. You can read more in my articles by visiting the link below. If you have a moment, drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Catching evidence of the paranormal on film can be exciting, but before you present your photograph claiming to have captured a real ghost, take the time to evaluate the photo to rule out these common causes.

Original Video of Pauling Light

I don’t know about you, but I found the Paulding Light fascinating. Here’s the original video.

Fact or Faked: Blazing Horizon/Rollover

Fact of Faked looks interesting tonight folks. Although I’m pretty sure about the explanation for this one–ghost children pushing the car to safety is a lot more fun to believe.

Hope everyone enjoys the show and that it’s a bit more interesting than last week.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Last night’s episode of Ghost Hunters brought up an interesting topic, even though it was not pursued on camera. When Chris and Britt were investigating the ballroom in The Southern Mansion in Cape May, they caught glimpses of movement in the mirror. Upon investigation they were unable to either debunk the images or find any evidence of activity in the room. A review of audio and video equipment revealed nothing to cause what they witnessed.

This left me wondering exactly what they had witnessed. Was it an over-active imagination, eyes playing tricks on them in the dark or could there actually have been activity in the mirror?

For years, people have believed that mirrors serve as portals for spirits, although it has never been proven scientifically. I am unaware of any evidence caught on video or camera to support these claims and have not experienced it myself. It does give me pause.

As most of you know, I am a healthy skeptic when it comes to the paranormal. I have experienced some unexplained events in my life and know people whose claims I cannot ignore, but I am not quite ready to subscribe to a belief in ghosts and spirits. What causes the many unusual events in our lives is not something I can qualify with certainty.

I have often wondered how many events it takes to change a skeptic to a believer and if the severity of the events is a factor. Perhaps there is some invisible line that must be crossed in our lives before we are able to take the leap or perhaps it is simply the willingness to believe that forces beyond our control share our living space and that maybe, just maybe, they are the souls of those who have gone before us.

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