Moving Objects?


Something a little odd happened to me today. I can’t really say it was paranormal, because there may be a very logical explanation for it.

I had an old sweater on the back porch draped over an old treadmill. It has been there all summer because I used it as a background for snowflake photos last winter. It has not been moved from that position.

This morning I went outside and took some photos of last night’s frost. There was nothing out of place or unusual in the yard. About an hour later, I walked back outside to fill the bird feeders and the sweater was laying on the lawn about 10 feet from it’s original position.

It was laying  in the pathway that I walked. In fact, I stopped in that very spot to take photos. It was not there when I took the photos.

We do not have a dog and the cat is an inside cat. Just my husband and I are at home as our children are grown and have homes of their own. We did not have visitors and do have children nearby.

I cannot imagine how the sweater moved from the porch to the backyard on its own. To be honest with you, I don’t know what to think. I do have a little chipmunk that uses the back porch as his trail from his den to the bird feeders, but I can’t imagine that he could move the sweater.

I’m left scratching me head today.


Spirit Photography

Spirit Photography-

I captured this image yesterday while practicing shooting dewdrops with my new Macro Lens. I didn’t see the face in the drop until I uploaded the photos to my computer.  The image has not been altered other than basic sharpening and clarity adjustments I do on all my photos.

I’m not sure what the image is. I do know that is it not my reflection and no other people were with me. Maybe the mind is playing tricks on us and creating a familiar image to make sense of the reflection. This is called pareidolia and is the brain’s way of making sense of what we see.

While pareidolia cannot be ruled out, I think the possibility exists that sometimes images of ghosts and spirits are real and that pareidolia is the skeptic’s way of pooh poohing anything without a scientific explanation.

So, I ask you. What do you think? Did I capture an otherworldly image in this photo, or is my brain just trying to make sense of a reflection in the water drop?


How Does Smudging to Get Rid of Spirits Really Work?

dream-catcher-273482_1280Smudging is a common practice for removing negative energy or ridding a home of invading spirits. It has a long history that dates back to prehistoric times. No one knows for sure how it works, but many claim it does.

 I have always wondered how and why smudging with sage could possibly have any effect on the lives of those who practice the art. I assumed the effects could be attributed to the beliefs of the smudger. I’ve been told that it raises the vibrational level of the area and that ghosts, spirits and negative energy cannot exist at higher vibrational levels.

This never made a lot of sense to me, as I’m not sure how smoke would raise the vibrational level of air or how one could possibly know that if it did. It also seems to contradict the belief that to communicate with the spirit world you need to raise your own vibrational level. Using the same logic as used with smudging, this should mean that raising your vibrational level keeps spirits away, instead of helping you with communication. Do you see my confusion here?

Today, I stumbled onto to something that I think may have some merit and may help explain why smudging with sage and other scared herbs stops paranormal activity. Bear with me a moment as I try to connect the dots of my thought process for you.

According to an article entitled “Medicinal Smokes”  (published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2006)  research has confirmed that burning a mixture of medicinal herbs, like sage, actually kills airborne bacteria in the environment. In fact, the amount of bacteria found in the air was reduced by 94 percent after one hour of smoke therapy and the effects lasted for 24 hours. After 30 days some types of bacteria were still absent from the area.

This started me thinking about how killing bacteria may lead to reduced paranormal activity – which, of course, lead to a little research. What I discovered surprised me.

It seems that scientists have recently discovered that some bacteria feed on electricity.  That’s right. These amazing little creatures both eat and excrete electrons. Some even form filaments capable of transmitting electrical currents.

That’s where it gets interesting.

Many paranormal experts claim that ghosts and spirits need electrical energy in order to interact with us. That’s right. Spirits and ghosts are believed to draw their energy from electrical devices, which explains why batteries suddenly drain and lights flicker. Assuming this is the case, is it possible that spirits and ghosts also feed off airborne bacteria that releases electrons into the air?

Let’s suppose for a moment that a haunted location as a lot of these weird little electron-eating and electron-excreting bacteria floating around.  Now, suppose you smudge the area and the smoke from the herbs kills off the bacteria. Presto Mondo! The ghosts and spirits can no longer interact because they have no energy source.

Maybe I’m playing with pseudoscience here, but I’d love to see some research done on this topic. What do you think? Could this explain why smudging stops paranormal activity?

Let’s Talk X-Files


Fox Mulder

Photo courtesy of FOX

I’ve been a fan of X-Files since the old days. I always loved Mulder and Scully and found he storyline fascinating, but last night’s episode took it to a new level. Not only did they promise us answers that they didn’t provide, they plunged us into the midst of chaos and then pulled the plug again. Of course, I’m not naive enough to think that the X-Files is really over, but according to the producers, if they do return there is no timeline for it. Nothing has been written — which, of course, means they don’t know how it all ends either.

To be honest, when they introduced the two young agents with traits remarkably similar to the young Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, I thought we were heading down the road to a spin off.  That doesn’t appear to be the case.

I suppose if we have waited 14 years to see our beloved Mulder and Scully again (isn’t it amazing how quickly we got past their more mature look?) that we can wait for FOX to decide what it wants to do next. I, for one, found it a refreshing walk down memory lane that didn’t get bogged down with nostalgia, yet honored the couple’s younger years.

I know I will be waiting and watching for X-Files to return in full force and I hope you will too.

UPDATE: 7/9/2017

I read recently that FOX has officially announced a 10-episode revival of X-Files to be aired in the 2017-2018 season.

Bumps in the night defy explanation



Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of comments on old posts and feeling a little guilty because it has been so long since I have posted. Common topics seems to focus on disappearing objects and black floating orbs. But, that’s not why I’m stopping by tonight. I had a very unsettling event today and wanted to share it with you.

We have had a history of unusual things happening in this home. A few weeks ago, my lamp came on by itself in the middle of the night twice in one week – but has not done so again since. The motion detector light in the hallway comes on frequently when no one is around and there are always pops and sounds in the kitchen that we cannot explain. Those things are easy to rationalize. They could, after all, be from nearly anything (at least that is what we tell ourselves).

This afternoon I was sitting at my computer editing photos when suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, a loud pop sounded right in my right ear. It was so loud that I jumped up from the chair and yelled to my husband, the skeptic. It sounded electrical and I fully expected something to burst into flames. There was absolutely nothing there. Hubby rushed in, as he heard it from the living room, but we couldn’t find anything to cause the sound. The only electrical devices at my desk are the computer and a desk lamp — neither of which show any sign of a problem.

To say I was not alarmed would be lying. I had goosebumps for hours. Even the skeptic has mentioned it a few times and is puzzled over what it could have been. I can’t say for sure that the sound I heard was paranormal. We may discover a logical explanation for it, but I can’t imagine what that might be. Until then, I will likely be looking over my shoulder whenever I sit down to my computer.


What if Ghosts Aren’t Visitors?

space timeMy father always told me he would come to the foot of my bed after he passed away. He’s been gone for over 40 years and he has never returned, yet I have seen apparitions of people I have never known.  I’ve always wondered why. I’ve heard a lot of explanations for why the spirits of some people remain on earth. I’m sure you have too.

Last night, as I was pondering this, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe ghosts and spirits don’t actually return. Oh, I’m not trying to argue that ghosts don’t exist. I think they do – I’m just not sure saying they remain or linger on earth is the right way to describe it.

What if heaven, earth and the great hereafter all occupy the same space? What if going to heaven or passing on doesn’t mean the spirit goes to another place? What if the essence of the person simply slips into another dimension that occupies the same space?

What if whether we observe a spirit (or ghost – if you will) has nothing to do with the wishes of the dearly departed but rather depends on some other variable, such as blip in the space-time continuum? What if ghosts aren’t visitors at all, but are merely carrying on with their lives and somehow become visible in our reality?



What’s Believing Got to Do with It? Getting Rid of Ghosts and Spirits


I watched a couple of paranormal shows today and couldn’t help but notice (once again) that there are as many techniques for ridding your home of paranormal activity as there are theories on what ghosts and spirits really are.  It appears that all the methods (exorcism, blessing, smudging, telling the spirit to go into the light, telling the spirit is it your home and that they have to leave, sprinkling salt around windows and doors  . . .) work at least some of the time.

I’ve been pondering why this would be the case. I have come to the conclusion that any of these methods work if the person believes they will work. I that is the case, then what does that say about the existence of ghosts and spirits? Do they really exist or do they only exist because we believe they do?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.