A Visit from Beyond or Just a Dream?

Did my mother visit from beyond the grave? I like to think so.

Did my mother visit from beyond the grave? I like to think so.

My mother passed away when my first born was nine months old. It came as a great blow to me. I loved my mother dearly and wasn’t quite ready to let her go. I am told that a day or two prior to her passing she ventured outside to view the wondrous sights of nature near her home. When she returned, she exclaimed of the beauty God had bestowed on us in the natural world and added that where she was going was even more beautiful.

Within days, she had passed. But it was not the last time I saw her. She came to me in the midst of a dream and left a poignant message I will carry with me forever. Some would claim that my experience was merely a dream.

I like to believe that my mother’s spirit  visited me to impart words of wisdom. Was it a visit from beyond or a simple dream brought on by my own desire?

You be the judge.

Several months later, when her birthday arrived, I found myself in the midst of a dream that has lingered for nearly 30 years. Here’s what happened in the dream…

I was in my dining room when suddenly my mother appeared. Instantly, I realized that she could not be there, as she had passed on; yet I was so eager to see her that I joyously began a conversation with her. We talked for what appeared to be several minutes. What we talked about escapes me. It is what happened next that has etched itself into every fiber of my being.

I knew she couldn’t stay for long, I believe she told me that, but perhaps it was merely knowing that she had passed that told me this. I really don’t know. I began to tell her about my son and realized she had not seen him for several months. I asked her to wait while I ran to get him out of his crib, so she could see him before she left. I ran down the hall and plucked him out of his crib only to return to an empty room. On the table was note written in my mother’s handwriting.

What is said has haunted me through time.

“Life is so unpredictable that even death doesn’t play by the rules.”

Did I  create this reflection on life via my own dreams? Did my mother somehow find a loophole in the fabric of time that allowed her one more visit?

Perhaps I will never know. There are those who could provide convincing arguments to support either side. I prefer to believe that my mother crossed the barrier than separated the living from the dead to leave one final message for the living; but I know that is not very realistic.

It is probably far more likely that I dreamed of her because it was her birthday and the message was a reflection of my feelings concerning her death and life.

So, now it’s your turn. Was it A Visit from Beyond or Just a Dream? What do you think?



4 thoughts on “A Visit from Beyond or Just a Dream?

  1. I will say this..Dreams are keys doors of an unknown realm..she might have left you something before she left..

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