Do animals see ghosts?

I’ve wondered this for a while, now. There are numerous accounts from those who claim that it is the case. I have always thought that perhaps it were true, but never having experienced anything in that realm left me simply wondering.

Until recently, that is… at least from my point of view. My husband, of course, simply blows it off as an active imagination. He could be correct.

We have a big old dog that seems to need to go out for the bathroom break at increasingly more frequent intervals. His mode of letting us know is to sit up, stare at us intently and then bark loudly.  Pretty normal dog behavior.

A few days ago I was working on a project at the computer. My husband was on the couch watching TV. The dog got up, walked to the side of the couch and sat down.  His side was to me and he was hidden from view from my husband.

Suddenly he appeared to be looking down the hallway and began to wag his tail and wiggle ever so gently as though he were looking at someone. Suddenly he barked as though he were greeting some unseen being.

I , of course jumped and may have let out a little yelp of surprise. He was distracted and  lost interest in whatever he was looking at.

I don’t know if he was looking at someone. I do know the hair on the back of my neck and on my arms all stood on end.

Could he have simply wanted to go out? Sure. But I’ve never observed him simply barking to go out without first engaging in the obligatory stare. It was eery to say the least.

Stay tuned to find out what I discover when I begin researching animals and ghosts …..


4 thoughts on “Do animals see ghosts?

  1. Similar things have happened in and around my home. I have had “odd” things happen to me all my life-I shy away from using “paranormal”-just things that are questionable. When my husband and I bought a house in town in 2006, we always heard odd noises at night that we just attributed to normal house settling noises. He is a skeptic, but having felt and experianced questionable oddities, I didn’t dismiss them as quickly. I didn’t let them scare me, I just didn’t forget them. We had 2 dogs at the time, both of them lived outside as I am not a fan of indoor pets. But from time to time, we would let them in for a few minutes, just for a “good night” treat. My oldest dog (3 yrs old at the time) is very friendly, but very protective of me. She would never attack anyone, but will “sound off” in the presence of strangers on our property. The house was a 40 yr old 2 story Cape Cod, but neither dog would climb stairs…the stairs were narrow and steep and I think they were scared to go up them. My stepdaughter would be in her room on the second floor and call to them, but they would sit at the bottom and wag tails and whine, but never climbed. Until November 2006.
    My sister in law died in October of that year, suicide. My husband sunk into depression due to his grief. He was dealing with it as well as could be expected, but had some bad days. In November, I noticed the “oddities” in the house were getting more odd and more pronounced. Nothing that I could pinpoint as “witnessed”…just shadows from the corner of my eyes, brief glimpses of an odd reflection in a mirror…things we attributed to “a trick of the eyes”. I was uneasy and a little troubled, but not really scared-we just shrugged it off. But one night in November, we brought the dogs inside for a few minutes…my oldest dog was scratching at the door and whining, which was unusual. Figuring she just wanted attention, I opened the door. She ran into the house, barking and growling, and ran straight up the stairs. That was a first and my husband and I were shocked. Our young pup, only 4 months old, came in after her, but refused to go up the stairs. He cowered down and whined. I picked him up and tried to calm him down while my husband ran up the stairs after my other dog. She was running back and forth between the 2 bedrooms, like she was chasing a cat or something. He finally got her back down stairs, but she kept going toward the stairs (she did not go up them again). We put them back outside and wondered what had happened. My husband acted a little shaken up-he had no explanation for this. It was easy to dismiss our own “experiances” as just random things-not so much with our dogs.
    Here is the odd thing, and what made him nervous. During a tough day the week before, he had “talked” to his sister-not her spirit, but her memory. He asked her to give him a sign…he told me that he didn’t really know why he had asked, or what he expected. He was consumed with the grief of her loss and asking/saying things that he didn’t understand. I think we all have done that at one time. It really shook him up that something this odd happened a week later and that’s when he told me of his “request”. I don’t know if that opened up a portal, or if it even had any thing to do with “paranormal”. I don’t know if I even want the answer. But after that happened, an uneasy feeling settled in the house. The dogs never went upstairs after that, but they would often focus on the stairs and stare for several minutes, unmoving, until we broke the “spell”. Again, we were not terrified or scary, just uneasy.

  2. I don’t really have any research to back this up; Only that I have had ‘paranormal’ experiances all my life- I’ve been able to see ghosts since I was a young girl. Anyway, I have cats, and there has been more than one instance that they seem to be focused on something else that doesn’t seem to be there. My sister told me one night she watched our cat look to and fro from it’s perch on the couch; almost as if someone was pacing back and forth. One night I was playing on my computer and all of a sudden my elderly cat, who was the only one other than myself in the room jumped up, arched her back and hissed loudly and reaptedly, All the while staring intently at my barely open door. My kitty is pretty tame, she doesn’t just spit and hiss for no apparent reason. So, yeah, that’s my take on the issue.

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