About Those Knocks from an Invisible Hand …..

I haven’t heard any mysterious knocks in a while and I had all but dismissed them, until yesterday. I had awakened early and spent the morning working on a writing project so when early afternoon rolled around I opted for a quick nap. No one was home so I decided to take the phone with me and set it on the window sill beside my bed. No sooner did I doze off when I was awakened by the sound of someone dialing the phone followed by the light clink of an object being set on the table.

I thought my husband had returned and was trying to make a call. I thought it was odd that I had not awakened when he came to get the phone. I turned to the window and saw the phone still sitting on the window sill. I lay still and listened. There was no other sounds and it was obvious I was still alone in the house. The TV and radio were off. There was no explanation for the sound.

Was I awakened from a dream? Perhaps. It does strike me odd that this is the same room where I have experienced knocks on the door and on the window when I was home alone.


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