Adjusting to a New House… Bumps in the Night

I recently found myself moving into a new house after 20 plus years of living in the same one. As you might imagine, I had become accustomed to the creaks and squeaks of my old house. Moving to a new one posed all sorts of new experiences, not the least of which is getting used to the normal sounds  of the home. It’s not so much that I think it may be haunted – its too soon to tell that yet. But it sounds different. It feels different.

You may be wondering why I bring it up at all if I’m not worried about ghosts and unearthly beings inhabiting the home. It’s that the possibilty exists , that’s all. Well, that and those pesky knocks I heard on my bedroom door when there was no one around and the knocking on my window the very next day. Now, I’m not suggesting my bedroom is haunted. I’m sure there are perfectly logical explanations for knocks from an invisible hand.


2 thoughts on “Adjusting to a New House… Bumps in the Night

  1. Hi my name is Savanah, Im 13, I live in Arkansas. I moved into a new house not too long ago. I had my own room on the second floor. I had a weird feeling when I was alone in there but i brushed it off because i had never stayed in an upstairs room before. My floor would creak when there was no one walking on it and my windows would make weird noises when i was asleep. My closet was a big walk in closet and there was an area in the corner with duct tape over it. I didnt open it but the next morning there was no tape covering it. I saw a large area and there was no insulation just dirt and wood. I knew that the upstairs floor used to be an attic and that the house was over 100 years old. I felt a negative energy from the hole. Then my cousin moved out and i moved into the other bigger room across the hall. I was putting my clothes in my closet and i paused and looked around and then ran out of the room and down the stairs as fast as i could for no reason. Then i looked at the mirror thats on the bottom of the stairwell and i saw a figure standing there. I want to become a medium and do investigations and stuff but this stuff in my own home is scaring me and my mom wont beleive me. WHAT DO I DO?

    • That’s a tough one Savanna. Talk to your Mom when you are both calm and explain your concerns and keep her informed if anything new or frightening happens. Maybe the things you are feeling are just because its an old house and makes weird creaks in the night, but maybe they aren’t. Your mom is more likely to believe you if you can explain things quietly and calmly, so give it a try. Let us know if anything else happens and good luck with your mom.

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