Moving Objects?


Something a little odd happened to me today. I can’t really say it was paranormal, because there may be a very logical explanation for it.

I had an old sweater on the back porch draped over an old treadmill. It has been there all summer because I used it as a background for snowflake photos last winter. It has not been moved from that position.

This morning I went outside and took some photos of last night’s frost. There was nothing out of place or unusual in the yard. About an hour later, I walked back outside to fill the bird feeders and the sweater was laying on the lawn about 10 feet from it’s original position.

It was laying  in the pathway that I walked. In fact, I stopped in that very spot to take photos. It was not there when I took the photos.

We do not have a dog and the cat is an inside cat. Just my husband and I are at home as our children are grown and have homes of their own. We did not have visitors and do have children nearby.

I cannot imagine how the sweater moved from the porch to the backyard on its own. To be honest with you, I don’t know what to think. I do have a little chipmunk that uses the back porch as his trail from his den to the bird feeders, but I can’t imagine that he could move the sweater.

I’m left scratching me head today.


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