What’s Believing Got to Do with It? Getting Rid of Ghosts and Spirits


I watched a couple of paranormal shows today and couldn’t help but notice (once again) that there are as many techniques for ridding your home of paranormal activity as there are theories on what ghosts and spirits really are.  It appears that all the methods (exorcism, blessing, smudging, telling the spirit to go into the light, telling the spirit is it your home and that they have to leave, sprinkling salt around windows and doors  . . .) work at least some of the time.

I’ve been pondering why this would be the case. I have come to the conclusion that any of these methods work if the person believes they will work. I that is the case, then what does that say about the existence of ghosts and spirits? Do they really exist or do they only exist because we believe they do?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


One thought on “What’s Believing Got to Do with It? Getting Rid of Ghosts and Spirits

  1. I hear ghost or spirits all the time and I can say leave this house in the name of Jesus or and other deity and it does not make a difference no matter how much I believe. Some may leave and it might quite for a little while but in the end the same familiar voices. It’s like they leave to go to work or on an errand and come back to pester me later. Lol on the pester part it really quite amusing to an extent. Just by listening and not interacting even though they can seem to communicate with me without me actually saying anything out loud and at times know what I’m thinking. There are times where I have eavesdropped in a sense and learned things that I don’t think I was supposed to learn at least not from them. Like they don’t like smoke fans makes it easier for me to hear them but can blow them away. They really don’t like salt you can put them at door ways and they can’t cross which is weird because you would think they would just walk through the walls. That pisses them off by the way go fig. What else they don’t like pentacles the five pointed stars you can put them on mirrors and brush your teeth in piece. By the way I think the mirror is some kind of gateway or way or travel. I can’t see them only hear them so I can guess and tell you these thing from years or listening. The way I hear them is different it even sounds different then me reading aloud in my head it’s more as if they are in another plain or dimension really far off but audible and you can feel it in waves of emotion. I wish I could give the ability away.

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