Black Floating Orb with Tentacles?

Update: I just wanted to update this post tonight because I have had so many people share similar stories. I still have no idea what these mysterious black floating orbs with tentacles are, but I now know that I did not imagine it as so many others have seen the same thing. If you haven’t already, please take time to read through the comments and share you own experiences.

I had a rather strange experience last night.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a floating object a few feet above the pillows. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. It appeared to be about 3 inches in diameter and was moving slowly like it was floating in the air. The weird part was that it wasn’t round. It was squiggly around the edges and resembled  a tangle of strings  or fibers that were all moving very slowly as if they were drifting in a gentle breeze.

I thought perhaps it was a shadow cast from something on the outside of my window as the moon was bright in the sky. There wasn’t anything near the window and no evidence of anything from outside to cast a shadow. I then assumed it must be a spider drifting down to my bed on a thread of silk. (Really, what else could it be?) I turned on the light and it vanished. I searched the pillows and bed and nothing could be found.

I’ll be honest with you, I had chalked it up to a dream until tonight when I decided to check online for similar stories. It seems that others have seen unexplained black orbs with eerily similar shapes and behaviors.  Here are some of the descriptions I found:


I notice a strange dark spot hovering 50 cm above my chest. It’s see through and looks like a mass of dark ink swirling in water. via


The weird thing about this orb is it kind of looks almost like a spider because around its centre it has what I can only describe as legs or tentacle like projections. via Psychic Experiences


They are usually round in shape, but not always; there are times when they look more like an amoeba than an orb… via Show Me Ghost West

At this point, I really don’t know what to think about my experience. I can tell you that I was not afraid – except for the few moments when I entertained the idea it might be a big old wood spider dropping down to say hello. I was puzzled and confused. Until tonight, I had never heard of anything like this.

If you have witnessed similar orbs, I’d love to hear your story.

UPDATE  7/9/2017: To date this has been my most popular post. I continue to receive messages from people of all ages and from all walks of life who have had similar experiences to my own. The vast majority of those who have seen a black floating orb claim they had never heard of them before, which tends to confirm that what they are experiencing is not a result of suggestion or imagination.

People are seeing something very real. I just don’t know what it is.

I ran across a link the other day suggesting that this thing is actually a visual hallucination that occurs during hypnagogia (the transitional state where the mind is neither fully awake or asleep). 

Hypnagogia is also the state that is thought to be responsible for sleep paralysis, a condition where the mind awakes before the body and you are unable to move, but are conscious of everything around you. Many people experience unusual sights and sounds at this time and often feel like aliens or spirits are present. They often report a feeling of terror. While scientists attribute the experience to sleep paralysis, some question whether there is a paranormal cause for the experience. 

I don’t know if the black floating orb is simply part of a visual hallucination experienced during hypnagogia or not. I guess the part that always makes me wonder about sleep paralysis and the perception of entities or powers controlling you, and now about black floating orbs is: If they are simply a brain-glitch, why would so many people experience the “same” visual hallucination? It seems to me that the hallucinations would differ.

Keep your stories coming! I’d love to hear from you.


70 thoughts on “Black Floating Orb with Tentacles?

  1. I’m 29 and I’ve been seeing these tentacle creatures since I was 16, sometimes they’re in the shape of orbs with tentacles we’re going around, last night it was a huge black blacker than black Square One, with really thick squiggly legs all around it wiggling around, black electric is how I would explain it. But the weird thing about it was because my window was wide open and my curtains were all the way open there was a lot of light casting in from my window and the weird thing about it was the fact that this entity casted its own shadow, which means it couldn’t have been a visual hallucination, it actually had a shadow behind it on the wall of its very shape and tentacles wiggling around

    • It is fascinating that you actually saw it’s shadow. I have only seen it one time, but if I ever see it again, I will be sure to look for a shadow. Have you made any connections with your sightings? Are they at a similar time or around certain events? I’d love to know what these are.

  2. The shadow thing(s) become visible when my eyes adjust to the darkness and appears to be something large either floating or suspended in the room. There are fast moving parts that could be tentacle-shaped (it’s what I searched in Google) near what could be a mouth or mouths? The mass is sort of not solid and like inky water flowing around and when I look at it from different angles it’s still the same shape just seen from another side – my eyes could focus on the seemingly empty space and follow its movements. Sometimes the shadow seems to be aware of me and all my hair stands on end but that’s the only sensation I get from it I don’t feel it coming into contact with me when it moves in my direction after being observed. This is all when I’m still fully conscious just unable to fall asleep, I have in the past suffered from sleep paralysis but it’s not more than once every few years and is usually a different sort of shadowy thing. That mass of man-shaped shadow sort of slowly moves towards me while directly on the shadow there is constant very rapid movement and I get a sense of dread and can hear what sounds like something screaming at me very quietly but I can’t understand what’s being said.

  3. Hi, DChaitram here. I woke up the other night early morning and saw one again. It was still dark outside but I’d fallen asleep on the couch and the light from tv and stairwell was on. It was “swimming” closer to the ceiling more so than my daughter below on the other couch. This time it was dark in color more like a shadow. Last time in the daylight I could see reddish/orange. I sat up and just watched it for several seconds before it “swam” into the wall. So, just curious has anyone else seen things that might be other worldly or is this the first time? I am 39 yrs old and have multiple kids. I have seen stuff over the years. But nothing like this. I wasn’t afraid of it but more mama beat feelings where present because it was closer to my kid.

  4. I’m not sure whether its a relief or not to find this webpage, but….yep this happened to me last night. I fell asleep on the couch watching tv. So when i awoke the tv (big flat screen) was on (with volume up) and a lamp was also on nearby in another room (door open), so there was good to dim light in the room. when i awoke i could move as i rubbed my eyes (as one does by instinct) and the apparition was still floating above my head. here’s the kicker, i watched it without fear (i’m 40) and it was defiinitely not something on my eyeball, i glanced at the tv, the wall, and then back to the ceiling and it was still floating about (in a weird caught in a current way) it didnt travel with my direction of vision at all. it was as has been described by everyone else. it seemed to be a strange octopus thing floating inside a misty purpley green swirling cloud, which changed tints and or colours wonderously. my head stayed on/near my pillow. i was laying across my comfy lounge sofa. i was by myself in the room, my partner was asleep in our bedroom, door closed

    Now the good bit. It did actually move about enough and long duration enough for me to witness it, and then floated through the ceiling boards (the roof) like a ghost would, hanging half in, half out, then re-entered fully, floated some more above, and then disappeared for good through another part of the roof. This has never happened to me (as i can remember) and i was vivid and lucid during the whole experience. The tv was working per normal with volume, which was a good reality anchor in this instance. When i woke it was right next to above my head, but when i woke it very quickly backed off towards the ceiling. IMHO it was not a psychosomatic issue (i am very happy, content and have never had any mental illness. i also have perfect 20/20 vision. i did not make any sound but the tv volume was on a standard level. If it helps it was a music video clip (which was kinda cool)

  5. Finally found a reference to this! I’ve been experiencing this for around 8 years. I actually see it almost every night. Never seen it in the day time. Seems to be if I wake up in the middle of the night, it’s there. Always looks exactly the same: a floating, black ball of yarn is how I describe it. It hovers a few yards away. Doesn’t seem to disappear, I eventually just fall back asleep.

    Now, I’ve done “tests” to see if it’s an optical thing, a floater in my eye or something. I’ve closed one eye and the other, and I see it in both. So it rules out a floater.

    The hypnagogic idea seems logical, but I agree that it’s strange so many people would hallucinate the same thing.

    One more thing, I can remember the very first time I saw it. It was on my 25th birthday, staying in an historic hotel in Salem, MA. Because my husband is into the paranormal, he booked this hotel because of it’s paranormal history. I saw it in the middle of the night. And have seen it frequently ever since. At first, it really creeped me out. Now, I’ve come to expect it when I wake in the night to go to the bathroom or something. It’s almost always there.

    So that’s my story! I could try and perform other “tests” next time, if there are any suggestions.

    • Jill,
      You are the first person to report seeing it regularly. Have you tried turning on the light to see if it is still visible? Is it in the same location every time or does that change? Has your husband seen it? Assuming you are still married and he is sleeping in the same room, have you tried waking him up to see if he sees it too? I haven’t heard of more than one person witnessing this at the same time, but that would sure put an end to the thought that it is “all in your mind”. Oh. How about trying to take a photo of it?

      • I believe I’ve nudged my husband in the past, but he doesn’t remember. I’m going to try and wake him up next time. I’m also going to try to get out of bed and approach it (something I’ve never tried). I’ll keep you posted – J

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