Bigfoot sighting in Turner, Maine

Maine Ridge Monster

TURNER, MAINE Bigfoot Sighting – Video Evidence of Bigfoot

Just when I was beginning to wonder why the mysterious Bigfoot had an aversion to the beautiful state of Maine, up pops video evidence that he is alive and well in Turner, Maine. At least, that is how it seems.

Bigfoot researcher Bill Brock has posted videos captured by a father and son team in Turner, Maine that certainly look like Bigfoot. The only part of the videoed interview that bothers me is the Bigfoot tracks in the snow. To the untrained eye (mine) the footprints look odd. The toes are straight across and the shape of the foot does not seem to fit with previous Bigfoot prints. Perhaps it is an effect of the snow or some other condition.

Check out Bigfoot Caught on Video in Turner, Maine for more information and links to three videos.

I’d love to hear what you think about this video evidence!


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