What are black eyed children?

black eyed children

I just published an article on Examiner about Black Eyed Children after reading a rather tongue-in-cheek post by Grant Wilson warning fans to beware of them. Some of the information in the article comes from David Weatherly, author of Black Eyed Children. I decided to check it out on Amazon and discovered the book is currently selling for $83.37. That, of course, dashed my thoughts about buying the book.

Fortunately, you can buy the book on Leprechaun Press for $20, so I thought I’d pass that on to you. I don’t make any profit from either place and just wanted to let you know in case you are interested in buying the book.

I found the topic intriguing and a little spooky.  These kids have solid black eyes, speak in a monotone and insist on being let into your home or vehicle. Those who have encountered them claim to feel threatened, but often can’t explain why. No one really knows who or what they are, but Weatherly shares his theories.

The article includes a video of David Weatherly talking about his research concerning black eyed kids. The article and video are a great source for basic information if you want to learn more.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has encountered these eerie kids or who knows someone who has.


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