Was that a UFO?

Last night when I took the dog outside at about 10 pm, I saw something that made my jaw drop.

 As I looked off in the southeastern sky I noticed a set of bright lights in the sky. The lights were lined up in a row horizontally. They were predominantly white, but I had the impression of either blue or green lights between the white lights.  I know there were three or four white lights. I was reminded of a crown, but couldn’t quite make out the individual lights or see any outline around the lights.

The lights began to twinkle or blink, but the object remained stationary. It didn’t appear to be moving away from me, as the size did not change. I stood mesmerized thinking I needed to go get my husband so he could see these lights, too. Before I could pull myself away, the lights suddenly disappeared. They did not fade. They did not move away. They simply disappeared.

I don’t know what I saw last night, but I do know that my jaw dropped  as I stood motionless staring at this object in the sky.

Could I have been looking at plane positioned at some weird angle? If so, why did it appear motionless? Why didn’t the object become increasingly smaller as it faded into the distance?

Did I see a UFO? Quite frankly, I don’t know what I saw, but I do know it didn’t look like anything I had ever seen before and it left me speechless.



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