Spooky EVP captured on cell phone


I’ve been hesitant to share the latest spooky event that has happened in our home. Maybe it’s because we actually have some evidence this time and that makes me a little uncomfortable.

Last week, my daughter used an app on her phone to record her sleep cycles. The phone is placed on the bed and is automatically activated by both movement and sound. It captured the typical tossing and turning in the night and a few low murmurs that we assume is my daughter talking in her sleep. They sound muffled and pretty typical of the normal sounds a sleeping person makes.

But that’s not all her recorder captured! Sometime in the middle of the night, it captured an eerie EVP of a man’s voice saying “Noooooo.”

At first we assumed that the voice was from somewhere outside of her room. It wasn’t. It just so happens that during the same night our furnace malfunctioned and our house was filled with smoke, setting off the smoke detectors and CO2 alarm. The sound of the alarms was not picked up by her phone inside her room. (Yes, there is now another smoke detector outside her door.) In fact, when I went to her door to let her know what was going on, my voice wasn’t picked up until I was inside the room. So that pretty much rules out any outside noises as the cause of the EVP.

We’ve been puzzling about this for several days now, throwing around possible causes for the voice, but each time we come up empty. It’s not her voice and she was the only one in the room.

Last night, I had woken up and was lying in bed when suddenly I heard a very loud whisper right in my ear. I bolted upright and no one was around. Hubby had fallen asleep on the couch, the pets were sleeping and my daughter was sleeping at the other end of the home.

I tried to rationalize that perhaps I had fallen asleep and dreamed the whisper, or that maybe it was the sound of me breathing against the pillow or blankets, or that maybe I imagined the whisper. I could have convinced myself with any of these arguments if it wasn’t for the recording we captured last week.

We haven’t figured out how to get the recording off of her phone so we can post it online to see what others think. If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know and I will upload the EVP here so you can hear the eerie EVP that has us scratching our heads.



One thought on “Spooky EVP captured on cell phone

  1. We’d certainly be intrigued too by this one. The app you’re referring to seems to be picking up quite a few apparent EVP’s so we’re currently trialling it to see what sound level and frequencies sounds are picked up at but that’s a work in progress. As for hearing voices or noises just when you’re at the edge of sleep, it’s known as a Hypnopompic occurrence, and we’re doing research in that too (so much research, so little time lol).

    Pity you can’t get it off the phone, love hearing things like that. Think one of the best we’ve heard was off the same app, and two people were speaking in Hochdeutsch (“High German”), although no-one in the house could speak it and it was recorded in Scotland.

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