Shadow People – A real account

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Shadow People: My personal experience | This is the best part of my day!.

This wasn’t so much a dream as it felt like a real experience..  trying to type this out on my phone right now from memory, as I’m laying here in the dark, shivering…  I was laying on my left side.. woke up with a feeling of fear.. soaking in sweat.. I couldn’t move..  I was fully awake when I saw it from the corner of my eye.. Read Steve’s Experience

Steve stopped by and left a link to his personal experience with a shadow person, but I wasn’t sure you folks would follow the link, so I decided to share a short excerpt with you to whet your appetite.

His experience is a little different from others I’ve read. It actually sounds a little like stories I’ve read about elementals (if you believe in that sort of thing). Stop by and read his account and let us know what you think.


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