Spirit lights . . . real or imagined?

So last night I had an experience that I can’t really explain. I’m not sure its paranormal – in fact I’m hoping it’s not – but it’s interesting enough to share with you and get your take on it.

I woke up at about 3 am to a cluster of tiny lights hovering near the ceiling. They seemed to float from one side of the room to another in a playful pattern. After watching them for a few seconds and being unable to determine what they were, I turned on my lamp. The lights, of course, disappeared and I found no visible explanation for them.

Although there is an old dirt road outside my window, a car going up or down that road doesn’t create this kind of light and can be easily heard through the window. Even footsteps on the dirt road can be heard clearly from my bedroom. Could it have the light of a flashlight flickering through the leaves outside my window? Perhaps.

You are probably wondering what happened when I turned the lamp off. To be honest, I am too – but we will never know. You see, I decided to leave the lamp on and pretend I never saw them.

I’m not sure if what I saw was real or imagined, but it did wake me up from a sound sleep and cause me to turn on the lamp. I only share it with you because it reminds of stories of ghost or spirit lights.


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