Tell me it isn’t so! – Paranormal Ponderings

I picked up the book “We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us” by Alison Dubois the other day. I must admit that although I knew the popular paranormal series “Medium” was based on the experiences of a real-life medium, I had no idea she had the same name in real life. It is a bit unnerving to read about her and Joe, knowing they are not really the characters my mind conjures up at the mention of their name, but that’s not the purpose of this Paranormal Pondering.


According to Dubois, the spirits of the dearly departed choose to hang around because they love us so much that “we are their heaven”. She claims that Heaven as we know it is filled with peace and tranquility, but that our loved ones would rather be with us.

I have a few problems with that theory . . . read more to find out why –

Tell me it isn’t so! – Paranormal Ponderings 


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