Who cares about Bumps in the Night when you have Lights in Night?

I’d like to add a more personal note to my blog today. As some of you know, I moved into this house about 5 years ago. I’ve had a few experiences that I can’t explain, but it has been quiet for the past few months until last week.

The first event occurred in the night sometime last week. I have two plants in identical pots sitting on the windowsill in my dining room. The windows were open and the bamboo shade was drawn. When I got up in the morning one of the pots was about 3 feet from the window laying its side. very little soil had spilled, in fact, I simply picked it up and sat it back on the windowsill.

I’ll admit I assumed the wind blew the plant off the windowsill (although it has never done so before). I was, however puzzled about why the other pot appeared unmoved. I was also a bit puzzled about how it landed 3 feet away and why the soil wasn’t disturbed – but I chalked it up to the wind.

Wednesday night while watching “Ghost Hunters” I suddenly caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked at the bathroom door and watched as it closed and then opened about a foot.  Rationalizing that somehow a gust of wind (yes there were windows open, but the closest window was about 20 feet away) blew the door shut and that it swung open on its own, I chalked this one up too. Although I must admit I did play around with the door in an attempt to recreate the event. The best I could do was to get the door to open about two inches and only after swinging it shut quite forcefully. There were no pets in the area.

Last night, when I walked out of my office and into the dining room, I suddenly noticed the flashlight sitting on the floor was on. Mind you, my husband had dozed off on the couch at least an hour before this and I had walked past the flashlight several times without noticing.  For the record, this is  lantern type flashlight where the button must be slid to the side. It does not move easily.

This morning, I asked my husband about the flashlight and he claims he hadn’t touched it yesterday and was as puzzled as I was about how it got turned on.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to thinks something is trying to get my attention.


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