Why do we assume that ghosts always tell the truth?

Ghostly Images

I’ve been watching Ghost Hunters since the show began and have seen every episode at least once. I like the show. I really do, but there are a couple of things that bother me.

1)  Why does the TAPS team assume  that a negative spirit would come clean and admit it just because they show up with a camera and microphone?  It appears the team asks  the ghostie if he means any harm and if the answer is no (often assumed by the lack of response) the team concludes that the ghostly presence is harmless. Why is that? If there really was a negative presence in the home, wouldn’t it make every effort to avoid revealing its true nature?

Which leads me to the another closely-related question.  

2) Why do we assume that ghosts tell the truth? I mean really, is there some otherworldly law that prevents them from lying? It seems to me that ghosts would be just as likely to lie as the living are, yet we are perfectly willing to accept their responses via EVPS or the flashlight communication technique as the truth.

I know these assumptions are not unique to Ghost Hunters, but I guess I look to them to lead the way when it comes to paranormal investigations. The fact that they never address these issues always makes me wonder if I am missing something or if they really do function from the assumption that ghosts always tell the truth and that if a ghost was a negative spirit it would make that known.


2 thoughts on “Why do we assume that ghosts always tell the truth?

  1. It’s funny that we can love a show – and in my case, pick its bones- but I agree with you about ethereal intents. It may be the show’s scripting/editing that lacks the common sense we both desire. From that view point, there’s much that paranormal shows like TAPS’ Ghost Hunters can do to upgrade their appeal to the (as I will snootishly put this) folks more in the know.

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