‘Perception’ brings inattentional blindness to light


Okay, so this isn’t a paranormal show, but it does deal with various ways our perception is altered or changed due to psychological or neurological conditions, which could impact our perceptions of paranormal experiences.  I couldn’t help but think about  how often people ‘miss’ visual information and how that impacts on paranormal experiences.

I think it could go both ways. It could cause those who do not believe in the paranormal to ‘ignore’ information that may confirm or verify paranormal experiences because their brain has already decided that the information is not important. On the other hand, those who believe in the paranormal could ignore obvious explanations for the activity because their attention is focused on exploring the paranormal and they fail to see logical explanations right before their eyes.

Either way, the fact that what we think we see isn’t always what’s right in front of us is a fascinating subject that deserves some thought. The article contains a short video clip that will allow you to test how well you are able to see what is right before your eyes. If you have a moment, you might find it an eye-opener.

The week’s episode of “Perception”, which aired on July 9, focused on inattentional blindness, also referred to a change blindness. Inattentional blindness occurs when a person’s brain is focused on an activity and he fails to see unexpected events that are clearly within the field of vision. It happens to all of us whether we are aware of it or not

via ‘Perception’ brings inattentional blindness to light – Bangor TV | Examiner.com.


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