Ghostly Encounters: True Ghost Stories

I thought I’d share an experience I had in the early 80’s with you today. Although I’ve never known for sure if the event was related to the paranormal, it certainly seemed like it at the time.

As I left the driveway, it suddenly became incredibly dark. The winds began to howl and leaves swirled through the air. Tree limbs swayed and dark shadows darted all around me. I looked around in fear. The man was gone, but the night had suddenly become very eerie.

I was overtaken by fright and by the sudden sharpness of the wind, but the worse part was the shadows, as they seemed to surround me. I turned and ran the two blocks to my home feeling as if something was behind me.

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One thought on “Ghostly Encounters: True Ghost Stories

  1. I’ve had a number of ghostly encounters, most quite benign, but a few were truly frightening. Then, while living in the UK for 8 years I formed a paranormal investigations team and instead of waiting for the ghosts to come to me I went looking for THEM! 🙂

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