Writing about the paranormal …

A fan called me recently and scolded me for not updating this blog very often.

He prefaced his comments with “I know there is probably not a lot of money in writing about the paranormal, but …”

It never occurred to me until then that some you of you may think I make money from this blog. I don’t. Every moment I spend on updating In Due Time is purely volunteer time.

I do sometimes include links to articles that I have written and published elsewhere. When you follow those links and read my articles, I do earn a few pennies, but unless thousands of people read them the earnings are minimal.

I’ll be honest with you. I’d love to devote more time to writing about the paranormal, but like everyone else, sometimes I have to concentrate on the work that pays my rent. (That would be primarily garden writing, in case you are interested.)

This reason I’m sharing all this is twofold.

1) I’m feeling a little guilty for ignoring this blog.

2) If you’d like to see more frequent updates, you can help me out by visiting the links to my articles and sharing them with friends who might be interested in them. Or better yet, you can show your support for the paranormal by subscribing to my paranormal articles on Examiner. By subscribing you will receive notices in your personal email whenever a new article is published.

You can also check my TV articles for updates on paranormal reality shows. You can subscribe to my TV articles, if you wish -but I must warn you that not all my TV articles are about paranormal reality shows.  As silly as it seems, I am required to publish TV reviews under TV – even if the show is a paranormal reality show.

Here’s a hint: If I write about the cast members of paranormal shows, I typically publish them under paranormal, but all reviews must go under TV.

Thanks for visiting today – look for more updates soon. In the meantime, take moment to browse my work for something that interests you.


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