‘Stranded’ episode 2 shows promise

Stranded - Season 1

102 Seaview Terrace via Media Village

I watched the second episode of “Stranded” last night and I have to say: I think Josh Gates redeemed himself. Although I may not believe everything that happened on the show, I found the participants intelligent and likable. Their reactions seemed real.

I must admit that I think the mysterious lights they saw in the empty room during the night was likely staged by the crew – but then, no one ever said that there were no “staged” events aimed at frightening the participants.

I liked the fact that these young people took the initiative to look for fuses in order to have light, but was a little perturbed that they didn’t try to replace fuses for other sections of the house.

I also found it a bit annoying that they only used the lights for one night. I mean, really, if you have restored lights to a section of a spooky castle, wouldn’t you use those lights during the night?

Other than those minor annoyances, I enjoyed the show and found it entertaining.  I hope future shows follow the lead of this episode.

I’d love to hear what your thought of the show.


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