Josh Gates’ “Stranded” falls short of expectations

Destination Truth


I just caught the first episode of “Stranded” and all I can say is:  Josh Gates, what were you thinking?

Let me be clear. I like Josh Gates. I found “Destination Truth” to be an entertaining show and enjoyed watching Josh and his crew explore the weird and unusual. I even enjoyed his guest appearance on “Ghost Hunters” – but “Stranded” has me wondering if Josh and SyFy really think those interested in the paranormal are all complete idiots. I mean, really, did this show strike you as “real”?

My favorite part, of course, was the line “If there are kids here, we don’t want to freak them out,” which was immediately followed by tying ropes around dolls necks and tying them to door knobs. Yeah, right. Like if there were kids present that wouldn’t freak them out!

To say I was disappointed with the show is an understatement. Even though I wasn’t expecting scientific evidence, and I wasn’t even expecting to believe everything that happened, I was expecting to be entertained.



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