‘Ghost Hunters’ moved to 8/7c

Ghost Hunters

via Media Village

Last night’s announcement that “Ghost Hunters” will be moving to a new time slot and “Ghost Mine” will take over its slot set me to thinking about the show. If I’m not mistaken, it has run in that time slot from the very beginning. Getting into pjs and sitting down to watch “Ghost Hunters” on Wednesday at 9 has become a routine in my home. I’d rather not change it.

I ran across this picture of the original “Ghost Hunters” team a while ago and thought it was an appropriate image for the post. It’s funny, I didn’t think they were particularly young when they started – but take a look at those baby faces.

This, of course, led me down the path to worrying about how much longer “Ghost Hunters” will remain on the air. Let’s face it, they can’t compete with the action-packed shows filled with spine tingling drama and they don’t catch menacing EVPS on every episode.

I didn’t think they had to.

Was moving “Ghost Mine” into the time slot SyFy’s way of applying a little pressure to the Ghost Hunters team? I’d love to hear what you think.




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