Can science prove ghosts don’t exist?



I happened upon an article yesterday on Live Science titled “Are Ghosts Real? Science says no.o.o.o.o” and expected to find scientific reasons why ghosts don’t exist. What I found instead was an a lot of personal opinion and the use of a logical fallacy to make the claim that “science”  proves ghosts don’t exist.

I published an article on Examiner called ‘Live Science’ writer uses logical fallacy to discredit belief in ghosts that goes into detail about the way the writer used a Logical Fallacy called ‘circular reasoning’ to support his personal opinion. You can read more about that in the article.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen the argument that ghosts don’t exist because we can’t prove they exist, but I didn’t expect to read this type of argument on Live Science.

The author, of course, does make some interesting points and poses some questions that are worth considering – such as “If people who die from traumatic events turn into ghosts, why isn’t the world overrun with ghosts?” and ” If ghosts are energy, why do we see them wearing clothes?”

Both questions are worth exploration, but that information is irrelevant to the argument over whether ghosts exist.

Whether you are a believer in ghosts and the world of the paranormal, or a die-hard skeptic who thinks those interested in the paranormal are all whackos,  guarding against using circular reasoning and Logical Fallacies in your arguments goes a long way to building a credible argument to support your beliefs.



One thought on “Can science prove ghosts don’t exist?

  1. The existence of ghosts only rests on another’s speculation and conjecture. This philosophical opinion is only about a preconceived notion that one learns in childhood to only then insert the thought of “ghost” when they hear a bump in the night. All about perception with no substance whatsoever.

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