The tommyknockers are coming

Ghost Mine - Season 1

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Like every other paranormal junkie out there, I watched “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Mine” last night. I enjoyed “Ghost Hunters”, as usual, but it’s “Ghost Mine” I’d like to discuss today. Watching the show made me wonder about the miner’s beliefs in tommyknockers, which, of course, sent me off to do a little research to see what I could find out about tommyknockers.

It appears the belief in tommyknockers originated with the Cornish miners who believed the “knockers” could be either an omen of bad luck or bring good luck to the miners – that is if they liked you. I published an article Tommyknockers pay visit to ‘Ghost Mine’ with details about the tommyknocker, so I won’t repeat it here – but if you are interested, go ahead and check it out.

I also ran across an article about Duck – the miner who ‘tramped’ after what appeared to be a few days of mining. As it turns out, the miners had been working for five or six weeks when the tommyknockers scared Duck away. I’m not sure if it is significant or not, but I did notice that the story he told the reporter about the tommyknockers was a little different from the story he told in the show. If you’d like to check that out, you’ll find it in ‘Ghost Mine’ cast members, Duck and Dick Secord, share reactions to show.

I do find it interesting that the cast members of the show know they are being filmed, but aren’t privy to which portions make the cut and go into the final episodes. According to Duck, the series was filmed in June through August, but the cast members don’t find out the content of each episode until it airs.

This might explain seeming discrepancies in the show.

You are probably wondering what I thought of this week’s episode of “Ghost Mine”. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a lot of faith in the paranormal investigating, as they seem to jump to conclusions and seem to have some beliefs that deviate from the norm. They are the first group I have heard suggesting that remodeling (or in this case a cave-in in the tunnels) can “release” energy and produce a haunting.

They also concluded that because the shadow detectors placed on the stairs in the Bed and Breakfast went off that it meant “some one” was walking up and down the stairs and that it was residual activity. I just don’t see enough evidence for them to reach that conclusion.

I also thought the TV turning on by itself was a bit overly dramatic. I mean, really, the first time it happened Kristen Luman didn’t even notice – but when it happened again it frightened her out of her chair. Of course, it’s hard to tell if the sudden burst of  ‘noise’ was simply sound effects or if it supposedly accompanied the TV turning on.

I guess I’d have to say I’m not overly impressed by the show, but will continue to watch out of curiosity.


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