‘Ghost Hunters’ visit San Juan Capistrano Mission


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Well, I tried to find some information on the “Ghost Hunters” episode tonight, but the most SyFy has to offer me is a 15 second video that doesn’t tell me anything.

I did dig up a little information about the San Juan Capistrano Mission. Stories include a faceless monk whose footsteps echo through the halls at night, a headless watchman who stands guard at the garrison building and a young girl whose face is seen as though illuminated by a candle. Rumors of bells ringing in the night are also told.

Nearby on Los Rios Street, a “white lady” is thought to wonder in the street.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times dated Oct. 27, 2003,  Pamela Hallan-Gibson,[the then interim city manager], described the “White Lady Ghost” in her  1983 book “Ghosts and Legends of San Juan Capistrano.”

“She is young and pretty with long black hair and a seductive smile. She wears a long, white dress that ends in mist around her feet, and she moves with ease to different sections of the town.”

According to Hallen-Gibson, when the white lady ghost was  a young girl in the 1890s, she took strychnine and died on the front porch of the home of a lover who’d jilted her.

According to SyF,  the mission is haunted by the ghost of a parishioner’s daughter who carried on an elicit affair, which seems to support the Hallen-Gibson’s story of the “White Lady” ghost.

Other tales include a wailing woman who mourns the deaths of her children (who she reportedly drowned in the river because she had no money to care for them) and an evil ghost dog.

Exactly what “Ghost Hunters” will uncover tonight remains to be seen, but with this host of tales anything is possible.


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