Hearing voices in the night …



I was talking with a friend the other night and the subject of hearing voices came up. I’m not talking about hearing conversations or people talking to me. I’m talking about that voice that wakes you from a sound sleep that is so real you actually look around to see who spoke. It’s not unusual for me to respond and then lie there dumbfounded because no one is around. Usually it is a voice of someone I know and I think they have entered my room. Sometimes, it seems to come from right outside the room.

She said she has experienced it too, which started me wondering if this happens to everyone.

I used to hear the big ‘bang’ just before dropping off to sleep and just assumed it was a normal process, although I must admit it hasn’t happened for a long time. But then, I am one of those lucky people who falls asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow – at least most of the time.

It’s probably a normal process. If it happens to others, they never talk about it, so I thought I’d throw it out there tonight and see what you all think.

Update 12/19/14: I recently learned that this phenomena actually has a name. Believe it or not it is called “Exploding Head Syndrome”. I haven’t read anything about hearing a voice speak to you, but the loud bang is common. I assume that hearing a voice is part of the condition.


4 thoughts on “Hearing voices in the night …

  1. I know it is not normal. I have had to deal with it all my life & when I was young I was even afraid to discuss it plus very confused. I am way beyond any concern about that now. I have a very strong faith in God, I was blessed to be born with that faith. I am finally “out of the closet” & honest about my experiences, but I have no issues. Just trying to help.

  2. I have experienced this from childhood to current 50+ years. My dad confessed years ago that he heard plus saw things as I do. One of my daughters 1st experienced things at 3 years old. If you want relief … prayer seems to help lessen it for me & most religions include rituals for this need. My experiences have not been all evil or all good, but mostly I don’t want to be disturbed at times so I pray that I am not disturbed when driving, sleeping, etc… and that seems to work. (My daughter had the same experiences without telling me about it but I found out from her friends so I was able to provide her the same advice. Others have asked me about voices or things I have seen when they had no way of knowing I was experiencing the same.) Maybe there are things beyond our complete understanding, but religion & spiritual belief have comfort/reassurance. protection, good & light, there for us.

  3. I do hear a voice once in awhile that takes me out of a dead sleep. It always seems to be female and sometimes there’s a specific reason for me to be awake at the time.

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