‘Ghost Mine’ premiere interesting, but questionable

via Media Village

via Media Village

I don’t know what I expected from the show “Ghost Mine”. Maybe I thought because it was following “Ghost Hunters” in SyFy’s line up it would be similar to “Ghost Hunters”. It’s not.

I guess as far as reality shows go, it wasn’t bad. I mean, the characters are interesting and the mining crew didn’t get overly dramatic – but the paranormal team didn’t exactly impress me.  It seemed a bit convenient that one of the members was a female and a red head- exactly what the miners believe is a bad omen in a mine.

I was able to overlook that, thinking they needed something to add some drama to the show.

I’ll be honest, they had me hooked until they pulled out the laser grid to detect movement. Unless they have some magical laser grid that functions much differently than the laser grids used by “Ghost Hunters” and other paranormal investigators I’ve seen, their ‘results’ appeared a little staged.

For those who missed the show, a dark object  with a perfectly defined border suddenly floated across the laser grid in a smooth, even motion. The remainder of the laser grid remained completely intact with no wavering lines and no distortions. There was no flickering and no other movement. 

If you’ve seen the laser grid work on other shows (like Ghost Hunters) you probably noticed that when an object disrupts the lasers that there are typically distortions in the laser field that does not follow distinct borders.  The individual lights tend to flicker and waver.

Is it possible the paranormal team on “Ghost Mine” managed to capture a perfect image passing in front of the laser grid? I suppose anything is possible – but it left me unconvinced that what was shown to the audience was evidence of the paranormal.

I’d love to hear your reactions to the show. 


4 thoughts on “‘Ghost Mine’ premiere interesting, but questionable

  1. Is this show reality or not?? Maybe that’s the pull, the reason I keep watching because I can’t figure that out. I keep thinking maybe the events did happen and then they re-staged it? Who knows? I wish someone would tell us real or not real?!
    Anyway that being said I still watch it every week, so bottom line it’s intriguing!

  2. lol i thought it was just me that noticed the laser grid……theres no way it was paranormal, the OP is right you could see that a shadow filter had been used after the show had been shot….bad,very bad

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