“Ghost Hunters” season 9 premier followed by “Ghost Mine” on Wednesday, Jan. 16

Ghost Mine - Season 1

Ghost Mine via Media Village

I’m looking forward to Wednesday because “Ghost Hunters” is returning with the premier of Season 9, but I’m also interested in the new show “Ghost Mine” slated to follow “Ghost Hunters” on Wednesday nights. I jokingly referred to the show as “Gold Rush Meets Ghost Hunters” in a preview I wrote, but I think its an accurate description. I mean, really the basic premise of the show does combine elements of both shows.

I’m not getting my hopes up at this point, because SyFy has disappointed me before with shows like “Haunted Collector” and “Fact or Faked” which both proved to be a bit too sensationalized for me.

You see, I am a “Ghost Hunters” fan and I like to believe that the show is basically honest. Sure, SyFy throws in some sound effects and may try to lead fans astray with some of the advertising, but for the most part, I believe the show.

My hope is that “Ghost Mine” will follow a similar path and let viewers decide for themselves if ghostly entities are present or if it is all the work of over-active imaginations.

It appears the only way to know is to tune in on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 10/9c, following  “Ghost Hunters” and find out for myself.


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