Sometimes, seemingly random events lead to new directions in life


Walter brings Peter home from a parallel universe.

There are those who claim there are no coincidences in life – that we are led to people and events for a specific reason. Ordinarily I tend to agree. I have always felt led by an unseen force (I prefer to call it God) to the places I need to be in my life.

A combination of recent events has left we wondering. For no reason, other than a desire to spend more time writing about the things that interest me and less time on those that are popular – you know, celebrity gossip, sex scandals and catastrophe – I decided to revive this blog .

On a whim (at least I thought it was a whim) I choose to write about the possibility of multiple universes – sometimes referred to as alternate realities or parallel universes – and the possibility of an alternate me (or many alternate me’s).

Last night, when I sat down to watch “Fringe” (Yes, I missed the original run of the series and have been watching it from the beginning on the Science Channel), I was a little surprised to find the entire episode revolved around Walter entering a parallel universe to retrieve his recently deceased son’s doppelganger and raising him as his own.

His reasons were a bit more complicated than pure selfishness and caused him a lifetime of guilt and possibly challenged his sanity. I found the episode intriguing on many levels. But, I found myself wondering about the connection between yesterday’s blog post and this episode of “Fringe”.

There are those who would say it was mere coincidence or that perhaps I saw the preview (which I’m pretty sure I didn’t) to the show and it sparked an interest in the concept of alternate realities and multiple or parallel universes, and they might be right. Others, however, some  might suggest that the episode of “Fringe” had something to teach me.

Perhaps the teaching moment was Walter’s statement “When you open your mind to the impossible, you might find the truth.” Perhaps, it was that seemingly ordinary people will go to extraordinary lengths for those they love. Or perhaps, just perhaps, it was to jolt me out of my current state of thinking and allow me to see that things aren’t always as they seem.

The latter seems fitting in a mystical,new age, paranormal kind of way.


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