Haunted Spalding Inn up for sale, says Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes

Spalding Inn

Grant and Jason selling the Spalding Inn.

What an interesting turn of events lately. First, I notice increased interest in Grant Wilson articles and surmise that it might be due to the fact that he is hosting a paranormal night at the Spalding Inn. Then I discover today’s announcement that Grant and Jason are putting the Spalding Inn up for sale.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really beginning to wonder if something else isn’t going on. I mean, really, first Grant leaves “Ghost Hunters after 7 1/2 seasons – then he and Jason sell their joint property.

I know. I know. Grant Wilson has already explained all that. He’s explained that the rumors his marriage was on the rocks were totally unfounded – and to be honest, I bought that explanation. The story about his wedding ring made total sense – especially to someone who suffers from “metal’ allergies herself. He explained all his reasons for leaving Ghost Hunters – from lack of sleep to wanting to spend more time with his family and pursuing his new business venture Rather Dashing Games. It all made perfect sense.

But, it has always bothered me that Jason Hawes took the whole things so lightly. I told myself it was because they were “real friends” and Jason wanted what was best for Grant. It’s what I want to believe, because it’s what Grant deserves and because I want to believe that Jason Hawes is just an old softie at heart.

But, I’ll admit that the thought has crossed my mind that all is not as it seems between Grant and Jay, and selling their joint property seems a little odd to me. Sure it takes a lot of work, but that’s what employees are for, isn’t?

18 thoughts on “Haunted Spalding Inn up for sale, says Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes

  1. I took a paranormal class and the teacher has done some of these shows on tv. She said producers really push you to “produce evidence” and get emotional. This is probably why Zak Bagans does so well on tv (drama queen). His show seems like it is constantly on and amazingly, Zak and Aaron seem to find something every time they go any were. All these shows are “reality tv” which has nothing to do with reality and more to do with entertainment. Their job is to entertain you and who is going to keep tuning in if nothing happens. The thing that concerns me about all these shows is that people with little to no knowledge are taking it upon themselves to hold seances and doing things opening doors to things they are not equipped to deal with. Lorraine Warren was shown on 1 show telling a lady she had to quit doing EVP sessions in her house out of curiosity as she was inviting things into her home.

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