Multiverses and Doppelgangers …


As a child I spent hours staring at the stars wondering if there was another little girl up there staring down at me wondering if there was another little girl staring back at her. Of course, I fancied that her world was identical to mine right down to the blades of grass and the thoughts we shared.

I didn’t know anything about doppelgangers and multiverses  then. But now, it seems that science has all but confirmed that my childhood fantasies could actually be true.

An article in the New York Times explores the possibilities and offers some intriguing thoughts on the matter.

If you take a finite physical system and a finite set of states, and you have an infinite universe in which to sample them, to randomly explore all the possibilities, you will get duplicates,” said Anthony Aguirre, an associate professor of physics who studies theoretical cosmology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

 “If the universe is big enough, you can go all the way,” Dr. Aguirre said. “If I ask, will there be a planet like Earth with a person in Santa Cruz sitting at this colored desk, with every atom, every wave function exactly the same, if the universe is infinite the answer has to be yes.”

Of course, this mysterious doppelganger wouldn’t really be just like me. She would have made different choices and chosen different paths in life. Who knows, one of my doppelgangers may be a wildly successful author, while another may be thin and svelte  (a word I’ve never been able to use to describe myself). Who knows what paths my doppelgangers may have chosen?

Perhaps those who practice “Quantum Jumping” aren’t really visiting their alternate selves, but their doppelgangers living peacefully in another “universe”. Perhaps, their experience is more real that we are ready to believe.

But I’d like to ask you this, this morning. Assuming that multiple universes exist and multiple versions of you exist, too – why do we assume that our alternate selves (or doppelgangers) are more advanced, more successful and posses more wisdom than we do?

Maybe – just maybe – this is as good as it gets and we are the most advanced of all our doppelgangers. Maybe we are at the top of the chain and our doppelgangers are looking to us for direction.


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