Grant Wilson to host paranormal investigation at Spalding Inn

I’ve noticed a recent interest in my articles about Grant Wilson lately, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because fans are hoping he will return to “Ghost Hunters” in January. As far as I know, that isn’t going to happen – but then he is doing his own paranormal night at the Spaulding Inn in February.

Perhaps Grant Wilson has discovered that although being on the road filming “Ghost Hunters” had worn him down, that he misses investigating the paranormal with the team.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve wondered why it had to be all or nothing. It seems like a few guest appearances a year might be just the thing to keep Grant involved while allowing him the much-needed time for his family and his career as Art Director for Rather Dashing Games.

It’s not that the show is failing without him. It isn’t. In fact, in some ways I think I actually like the new format of “Ghost Hunters” better than its format for the last few years. Although it doesn’t compare with the initial shows – you know, back when we actually got to see the investigating and debunking and felt like part of the team – it’s an improvement.

And, it’s not like I watch it with sadness or disappointment because Grant isn’t there. I don’t. I’ve gotten quite used to Steve Gonsalves in Grant’s position and I actually think Steve and Jay make a strong team together. But, I do miss the shenanigans of Steve and Tango and I do miss the expression on Grant’s face when the unexpected happens.

I miss Grant’s  intensity and his heartfelt laughter – but then I’m happy that he is doing what he loves, too. I just wish he would stop by once in a while to join the old crew on an investigation.

Judging from the reader interest  in my articles about Grant Wilson, I’d just soon guess that some of them do too.




One thought on “Grant Wilson to host paranormal investigation at Spalding Inn

  1. I think Grant has a certain magnetism and it would be nice if he decides to visit now and again. I know that his family is very important to him so I too understand why he has changed his path and is doing other things.

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