Melba Goodwin offers interesting insight in ‘Ghost Worlds’


I was reading an interesting book last night called “Ghost Worlds” by Melba Goodwin and was struck by one of her statements. According to Goodwin, if you encounter an old house that has been standing empty, but is in relatively good repair, there is a good chance it is haunted. She believes that the ‘energy’ of the ghost prevents the house from collapsing. Although I’ve never heard of this before, it is an interesting concept.

Goodwin has over 25 years experience as a parapsychologist and clairvoyant and has worked with police departments in solving cases.

She also implies that energy from residual ghosts may dissipate over time. Interestingly, Jason Hawes shared a similar belief in passing during a recent ‘Ghost Hunters’ show. This too, was new to me. I assumed that a residual haunting carried on forever. 

It will be interesting to discover what other bits of information Goodwin has to offer.


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